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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So, Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan- principal exports being hounds that look like supermodels and small blankets- has received millions of dollars in cash from Iran.

Clearly, he does not need us.

Mr. President Obama, sir, take a hint from this and bring all our soldiers home NOW!


No Way Jose said...

So Iran can get rid of us that easy? Just pay a few million bucks, and el bam-o, USA disappears? Now that's value for money! Or else you're a noob. I think I know which is more likely.

The Aardvark said...

Very cool Jose...on the basis of one tiny thoughlet, of mine, you can brand me a noob. Your perspicacity astounds me!

Why don't you man up and tell me precisely what we are getting out of continuing an apparently endless police action in Afghanistan? How precisely is our current presence doing any good for us? The Afghans clearly have little interest in a united self-government. The warlords are content to forge small alliances as they have for hundreds of years. Our drone sorties into Pakistan are serving to do little other than tick off the Pakistani government, and create more terrorist-fodder from the survivors of civilian victims of drone-fire. That Karzai is openly accepting funds from our enemy Iran, while enjoying being propped up by our presence and dollars shows where his real interest lies. Our troops would be better used on our own southern border and our harbors, where their deployment would do far more obvious and needed good. Fix OUR security, and then we can think about elsewhere. Our founders were rather aware and bright. I believe that our first President warned against "foreign entanglements". Word to the wise.

No Way Jose said...

Sure, and it's fine to avoid "foreign entanglements" if by avoiding them they stay avoided. But the Islamic menace will not go away, it can only be deferred.

What are we getting out of it? It's keeping this unavoidable conflict firmly front and center. The military's understanding of the enemy improves, the country is reminded that we have an enemy. Of course, our left-wing media and rulers want to pretend that Islam is our good old buddy, but they can't get away with it while our hand is stuck in this tarbaby.

Also, if we need to militarily attack Iran, we can quickly do it from both East and West. I'm surprised that seems to be such a well-kept secret.

My intent was only to state you were being a noob about this one topic, not a general statement.

The Aardvark said...

Islam is certainly not our buddy, so we are in agreement there. Afghanistan may not be the best battle ground for our guys. A cursory glance at military history will show the near impossibility of winning- or even holding our own- in Afghanistan.

British Empire, the Soviets, bupkis.

Our economy is also bupkis. The Fed just monetized hundreds of billions more of our debt. We CANNOT afford our continued forays into world bomb politics. For my money, we should withdraw within our borders, line our borders with our own military, and regroup. (I am not advocating permanent huddling under the covers, however.) The bottom line IS the bottom line. I would recommend withdrawing from any outpost where we are not wanted anymore (leftovers from WW2, primarily).

We surely need a strong military, but we need to be strong here first. We assuredly are not. Mr. Karzai has clearly telegraphed that we are not needed there. We should oblige him. As to other Mid-East issues, we need to take Israel off the leash and let them do what they can do well. Iran need not be a problem. Having actually read the Bible, I have no illusions of their current real estate's status. Having read the Bible and secular history, I know that they are capable of more than holding their own, if they are not restrained. This is another issue altogether....

The Aardvark said...

NWJ, here is why I reacted to noob (I was not really offended):


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