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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

From a former schoolmate:

I am SOOOO angry! The $**%^ oral surgeon's office called this afternoon and said they have decided not to accept **** as a patient! She cried most of the afternoon. I did, too, in my car coming home early to be with her. Now I am over the crying and ready to kick the butt of every conservative or rich fat cat that thinks only those who can afford it should get health care....**** is the littlest one on my profile picture. She has suffered from the effects of Lupus since puberty. How could she have worked and saved money to pay for health care? So what do the Republicans want me to, push her off into the ocean in a row boat to die? We spent what little family savings we had paying my mother's medical bills. There is just ****'s Trust fund and it's not that much....Okay, I am done now. It was good to get that off my chest so I didn't punch the next "I got mine screw you" person.

How precisely have we gotten here? I know "Shrek" Grayson, the doubtable Florida Congresstroll has beaten this drum in his pathetic bid to Be Noticed, but I know this person. She is hurting, her child is hurting, and she perceives that the Republicans wish her and her daughter ill. The siren song of the Left lyrically states that if you have a need, we will pick someone's pocket -MANY someones' pockets- and help you with the proceeds. The Obamster and his lapdog legislators are dreaming up even more creative ways to extract money from you to give to others. Have you a 401K? They would lo-o-o-o-o-ve to "administer" that money for you. There are plans in the works...studies...examining just how to do it. If there is a fund of mega-moolah floating untouched in private hands, pensions, f'rinstance, the Federal Givemint wants control of it, yelling like a J.G.Wentworth ad: "It's MY money, and I need it NOW!". In tax legislation and regulations, money that you keep to spend is viewed as "negative revenue". ALL your money is really Uncle Sam's, but he graciously lets you keep some of it. Welcome to Beltway-think.

Now, my friend has done what she should: used money that she had to help care for her mom.This depleted her family's resources. This has left her in an unsteady situation financially. Her daughter has unmet medical problems, beyond what a local clinic can handle. What to do? Anyone have any ideas? Any resources she might be able to rely on? Any charities? Any "fat cats" with a good heart?

I am astonished at this. How can someone be so infected with disinformation...lies...and cut themselves off from the very ones who want better for her than the Government dole? I'm not rich, but I am a conservative, and I surely wish only the best for her and her family. The liars, schemers and thieves who promulgate such ogreish "row-boat" lies have much to answer for. Who exhibits an "I've got mine, screw you" attitude?

How have we gotten here?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

What you're experiencing is the well-cultivated attitude of ENTITLEMENT common to most boomers and ALL feminstaazi. It ranges from "You owez me a living, honky!" among Obama's brethren to the neo-libertarian "Get rid of ALL welfare (except MINE)!!!" rationale. We're into our fourth generation of pubic-screw-ooled, Ritalin-laced, red diaper doper baby dumbasses with NO freaking clue how to take care of themselves because everything they've been taught by the bureaucrats leads them to bow to the great false god of government.

Cunning Dove said...

I have 2 thoughts that come to mind very quickly.

1. Is this the only oral surgeon in the area?

2. Did she ask for the total cost while presenting her insurance info?

I ask these questions because I've been hearing a number of people reference the "we are not accepting any new patients" thing from doctor's offices. However, when one drills down to the real issue, it is that the doctor's office is not accepting any new "medicare or medicaid" patients.

Now, as to your "how did we get here?" question... I supose it is partially because our society is obsessed with "victims". To think rationally or to ask problem solving questions... that makes one a cold heartless witch.

Dismas said...

Guess they should have chosen to spend money on the daughter instead of the mother. The old ye have with you always -- oops, actually not!! They messed up.

The Aardvark said...

CD!!!!!! Huzzah! Great to hear from you. I do not know the details beyond what she shared.

I DO know there are more oral surgeons there. Many more. We are seeing the beginning of the rationing so loudly denied by the "healthcare"
pushers. Not institutional rationing...not yet...but more of appointment triage. More demands for the same amount of time available per day.

Much of her response was disappointment after pinning hope on that doctor. The underlying attitude remains disturbing. As Ted says: "he well-cultivated attitude of ENTITLEMENT common to most boomers and ALL feminstaazi".

Ted, "feminstaazi"? Have you tried pronouncing that? I rolleth not trippingly from the tongue!

Dismas...there is merit in what you say, and the thought occurred to me, but not knowing the situation, I opted not to bring it up.

Anonymous said...

Here is my .05 worth, accounting for inflation. The almighty ( how they wish ) government is too busy roaming the globe looking for people they can convince need improving ( by taking our money ). The churches ( esp. mainline Protestant denominations ) are too busy seeing who can build the biggest monument to their correctness and many of our nations' doctors are busy getting the best tee time.
There doesn't exist a person who needs a 130' yacht, but people who desperately need decent medical or dental care are all around us.
For nearly 20 years, i've been saying that if we ever have socialized medicine in this country, it will be because doctors brought it on themselves.