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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Aardvark is thankful for a number of things which he shall enumerate in part:

  • Thankful that the Dread Dormomoo does not say "mani-pedi".
  • Thankful that his family remains remarkably intact for the era.
  • Thankful that he is not allergic to turkey.
  • Thankful that people like our work.
  • Thankful to live in a loving community of faith.
  • Thankful for Breathe-Right strips.
  • Thankful for all his many reader.
  • Thankful for the Nation, tho' the Ship of State appears to founder.
  • Thankful for a place for /b/tards to go.
  • Thankful for Vox and the Ilk.
  • Thankful to not have giblet gravy.
  • Thankful having infinitives to split.
  • Thankful for the IntarWebs.
  • Thankful that few have used the term "Turkey Day" in his presence.
  • Thankful for you

Have a blessed Thanksgiving


jay c said...

Thankful for all his many reader.

LOL! I know the feeling.

MacLaren said...

I hate the term "Turkey Day."

Talk about taking a great idea and making it retarded.

Yes, RETARDED, PC crowd.

Cunning Dove said...

I totally dig on calling it Turkey Day. Then I spend the week focusing on the things I am Thankful for in this life...

By the way, this is not a religious Holiday. It is a government mandated day of "Showing Thanks." However, I don't know of any government mandate to be thankful to the Lord of Hosts.

David The Good said...


MacLaren said...