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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fear and Loathing in North Alabamastan.

I am in the midst of a Long, Dark Night of the Soul. I have written precious little about the political end of things, but I have serious fears for our Republic. Now, I recognise that it sounds like I'm late to the party, there, but I have tried to maintain some optimism about the country. It is increasingly hard so to do. I was in school when the Pledge of Allegiance was important, when the thought of defiling a flag was abhorrent to any but the most politically perverted. (Now Billy Mays mends a ripped flag with his Wonder Fabric Glue, and hawks his product with the fixed flag fluttering in a wind tunnel affair. Remember when you were to burn a flag if it touched the ground or became damaged or worn out?) I was on the tail end of the "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"-style patriotism, before the cynical '60s took their toll. I was a Goldwater fan during the LBJ candidacy, in the fourth grade. I remember huddling in the school halls during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The 4-H TV Action Club was on ETV, and we learned about fallout. Yaaaay! Mr. Atom is our Friend!

Despite the misbehavior of politicos from time-to-time, there still seemed to be a modicum of honor, a gravity to the realm of Public Office. Now it appears it's all a game. Maybe it always was, but the stagecraft was certainly handled better. I voted today. I don't know if it means anything, but I did. The Republic is safe once again.

I am REALLY fascinated at the pundits and talk mavens, even the hard-core ones like Cunningham and Savage, who cannot seem to cross the divide and recognise the Power of Positive No. I mean, if the Obamanoids, Pelosites, and Reidians have their way, talk radio as currently formatted is toast. Dry toast. Therefore, it's not like they will have anything to lose by telling the populace: When they come for your guns, when they come for yet more your money, when they come for your livelihood, when they come for your children to indoctrinate them against what you taught them, when they come for your preacher because he dared speak truth, or your elders for refusing to bow the knee to Caesar, When they come, SAY NO ! No more. No representation, no more goodies.

Why is this such a hard thought to wrap your brains around? Wait...I hear "Romans 13" twittering in the breeze. I don't have a king here in the YouEssofAy. At least in theory, the PEE-pul are the government, so exegete that for me.

As the day progresses, I find myself falling into a deeper funk. It is as though all hope is lost...no matter WHO wins. These things are important, and so few can see beyond class warfare. YEAH! Stick it to the Corporate Fat Cats!! Raise those corporate taxes!
(Then wait until prices on Doritos, Barbies and WWE DVDs go up at Wal-Mart.) Corporations don't pay the taxes (beyond writing a check). The consumer does, through higher prices. The corporation, not being a Charity, passes the tax increase on in to YOU. Why can't people turn off American Idol and Alabama football and bloody THINK??!?

Oh, and I started the second round of shots on Tuesday last. Hmmmm....

Do I hear the haunting strains of "If My People"? 2 Chronicles 7:14 is lovely, and utterly Old Covenant. If you drag that out, you may as well rebuild the temple and start hunting for a Red Heifer.

Sorry guys. If this is the real me, then maybe I'm not as loveable as I might wish.

To quote Marvin the Paranoid Android:"I'm so-o-o-o depressed."
Good thing I'm not emo, or I would need a transfusion by now.


Anonymous said...

When in the course of human events... ya know this all seems like it has happened before. Oh, wait, it has! Each time we were the ones who stood up to it. Now, we've nothing to do but pray, hope for the best, and "face the end with a smile and a full clip" as a student of mine said today.

The Aardvark said...

Ha! I LIKE it!

Clever student.

Anonymous said...

If teenagers can get it, why can't the electorate? Oh, it's a private school I'm at, that's why!

Cunning Dove said...

Aardvark, I think most people miss an important part of that verse.

2 Chronicles 7:14 "14 and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

You can't seek God's face and support the politics of covetousness(sp?). It just seems that very few people understand that "class warfare" is simply "coveting" with the approval of the State.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

There may come a time of Churchill's "worse case", but I continue to believe against it:
536 of them, 300 million of U.S., and atleast half of us have been arming the crap out of ourselves since it was announced that The Obamessiah won.
Whoever tries to disarm the citizenry is going to start a pretty uncivil war.
The leftists masquerading all this time as Republicans though it was an impossible task to deport 20 million Mexicans...Let them try disarming 150 million Americans, and I strongly suspect they'll discover what impossible really is!