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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm watching FRINGE. It kind of hearkens back to the crazy days of the X-Files. One thing...

Do those establishing shots with the location names in BIG floating chrome letters annoy you, too? I understand the need not to look like the aforementioned X-files with its little green teletype captioning, but come ON !

I am not sticking my head in the sand, nor the donkey's mouth, nor the oliphaunt's bum.

I am terminally sick of the "Grea-a-a-a-at Depression" talk. There are major adjustments being made on Wall Street, and unConstitutional bailouts (when Shepherd Smith intoned that we have "nationalised AIG" I thought I would have the vapors. Then again, he's dreamy - household meme...sorry.). The US is not teetering on the monetary brink, unless...

The MSM revels in any downturn, and gleefully flogs it into a CRISIS ! Many of our economic woes stem from the populist panic induced by the gloom-sayers on ABCCBSNBC News, The Dread Dormomoo coined a term:

Optinomics. Maybe reporting on the good things in the economy. There are some.

The 4-chan / anonymous prank hacking Sarah Palin's personal email is pure dastardy. A lowest-common-denominator pop-culture internet meme generator, 4-chan revels in the obtuse. I recommend prosecution. The puppy needs its nose rubbed in its mess.

Oh, and for the media having the vapors over Palin's personal email having some official biz mixed in: nothing nefarious here...move along. I have a business email address. I also have a personal email address. Sometimes I do business on my personal email, not because I am hiding correspondence from future sub poenas, but because IT HAPPENS. Someone asks a question in a personal email, and I hit "reply".

ZOMG!!!! How unethical.

I am really worried that our political system has slipped irredeemably into mere dirty tricks and ad hominem attacks, becoming a tennis match with poop instead of tennis balls, high in fiber, but not much else.

In short,what this country needs is an enema.

Canada needs one, too. (Warning:an unpleasant woman saying unpleasant things disguised as journalism)


vaporland said...

The issue with Palin (and GW Bush) using personal email accounts for government business is that there are state and federal laws regulating the retention of official government records.

Email is a "government record" of the people's business.

As exhibited by this incident, there is also the national security issue of using insecure, unencrypted private mail to transmit sensitive messages.

This is an issue, because if Palin achieves federal executive status, it would be a really bad idea for her to use Yahoo.com to send supposedly secret information over the internet.

Most people do not realize that their emails and instant messages are transmitted "in the clear" and can be easily intercepted.

The use of private email for public business has been also abused by the Bush White House to evade official scrutiny.

This is quite a bit different than a private business owner (not subject to FOIA regulations) using personal email to transmit business information - though for publicly traded companies, Sarbanes-Oxley may also come into play.

Finally, (in Palin's case) it shows poor judgment and a lack of forethought to use such easily cracked security questions and answers on an email account that contains communications related to the people's business.

After all, Palin supposedly works for the people of Alaska and Bush supposedly works for the taxpayers of America.

This is why so many folks have so much to say about it...

The Aardvark said...

Point being:
It happens. It may be unwise, but it is not indication of Conspiracy Dire.

The Yahoo account apparently contained no sensitive information. Should Palin reach the office of Veep, she will be completely schooled in the ways and means of e-communication security, though even that is not proof against prying eyes and skilled jiggery-pokery.

Oh, LOVE your Zik Zak. Great to see that Max lives.

vaporland said...

Max rules! Glad you remember Ped Xing, CEO of the ZikZak corporation and largest sponsor on Network 23!