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Monday, September 29, 2008

I stand in awe of the utter chutzpah of Congress AND the Wall Street gang in perpetrating the armed robbery of the American citizenry. I stand taking great offense at Obama referring to the backbone of our republic as merely "the taxpayers". That is all we are to him and his ilk: varied sizes of wallets to plunder so that they may do Great Things in the Name of the Pee-pul. (I am offended at Bush and HIS ilk for treating us equivalently.)

I stand in shock that the pee-pul of our land have not stood and said NO MORE! The government assumes that we will accept things as usual, and keep mortgaging our kids and their kids out of fear of reprisal. It has been said elsewhen, but they can't arrest everyone.

I think I'll sit, now.

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