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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here we are, the Riatsila and I, in Huntington WV at TsubasaCon. This is a neat little relaxacon (old-school SF conspeak). Lord Zed is here from the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Robert Axelrod. He is small, stooped and bearded, but still enthusistic to his fans.

We printed the con shirts as well as being dealers (such a soulless word; I'm a huckster!). The Big Sandy Convention venue is a perfectly-sized facility for Tsubasa. The Holiday Inn is next-door, and a better one I have never seen before. Clean is the operative word, so clean that there is a hospital note to the air in the halls. The cleaning staff actually wear scrubs. The rooms are equipped with a large mini-fridge (yes, and I also like jumbo shrimp), and a computer! A real usable computer hooked up to the IntarWebs...well, maybe I shouldn't say computer. It is after all a Gateway.

We breakfasted at Bob Evans this morning. It is like a Cracker Barrel without the cool (pauses a beat) and is decorated with country craft things. The cow sculptures looked at me the whole time. The mean age of the customers must be 83, and that's only because someone took a baby in once. It was geezerville in there. I expected to hear complaints about the oatmeal being too tough.

Nice place, though. The food is good.

Huntington is fun burg, with a great mixture of architectural styles. I'll try to put up some photos.

I have ONE issue with the convention center: when a salesmen offers you a GREAT DEAL on dysentery-scented bathroom deodoriser

DON"T TAKE IT !!!!!!!

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