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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Your Aardvark is suffering from the predations of time, and he is learning to deal. The predilection of oldsters - and no, he does not think of himself in those terms - to long for "the good old days" is beginning to be understandable. Things that evoke fond memories are becoming more important. Old-school TV shows like Supercar are neat, and hearken back to more pleasant days, at least in memory; remembrance casts the past in a roseate glow that causes him to recall even the Cuban Missile Crisis with wistfulness.

Ahhhhh, the Cold War...good times.

Scent is a powerfully evocative agent. The Aardvark now eschews the sprays and scents proffered by the corporate media machines, body sprays that cause the wearer to smell like Bargain Night at a joy house*: Axe, Tag, and other such brands easily pronounced by the public schooled. He finds himself drawn to the classics: bay rum, Old Spice (that despite Hannibal Lecter's disparaging comments), and a new-old cologne called "Cigar" which the Aardvark heartily recommends, even though it is French, as it conjures tweeds and fragrant smoke, and Substance.

Your Aardvark still cannot bring himself to Moisturise...much.

He is currently working on a roadside ad campaign for a local deli (yes, a deli , one with meats and cheeses sliced whilst you wait, which sells a Philly Cheese Steak as good as one can find south of PA. NOT the self-styled gas-station sandwich counters that sell a baloney, mayo and American cheese on white and call themselves a "deli". Oy.

The signs will be done in the spirit of the venerable Burma Shave campaign. Pics to come.

* A line graciously lifted from Keith Laumer's Retief story "The Brass God". The Aardvark read this in the '70s, and found the phrasing to be the most evocative description of loathsome overdone perfumery ever penned.


Gamegod said...

Why do I think of you barking out from behind a counter,


anyway, the profile is my pleasure. And it really will be to sit snd watch you play.

Don't knock yourself for not being around. I know you and I always know I can drop a dime on you and you'll drop everything if I had a need.

I love the name YWEH, but I almost hate to use it. It's almost too reverent to me for everyday language. I save it for prayer. I like El, or Elohim for everyday use, it rolls off the tongue and I love how it has been defined by the Jews over the years.

Gamegod said...

BTW, Loved "Hot Fuzz."

I'm telling my age here, but used to, on the road to Chattanooga I used to read"


Straw is cheaper....

Grass is free....

Buy a Farm...

Get all three!

Burma Shave

The Aardvark said...

Wow! I can't believe they had those signs so recently! I have 8 possibilities for my client. Here are a couple:

Sailor Tom
Came in one day
Our subs torpedoed
his hunger away

Elkmont Deli

After his day off
Ferris wanted food;
Ate at our deli.
He's a righteous dude!

Elkmont Deli

Gamegod said...

heh cool.

The Aardvark said...

I assume you are getting email announcements of new posts.

Come back to the blog. I have added a link to a GREAT story, worth your attention.

Gamegod said...

DO me a favor. Email me a complete list of everyone's email in the family. I lost my copies in the last big crash.