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Saturday, August 23, 2008

During the long drive to Animazement, the crew and I stopped at a gas station, and Link (he cosplays the Zelda vidya game character) picked up a couple of the now ever-present
May-hee-CAN snacks. One was SPONCH. The Urban Dictionary defines it thusly:

A shortbread cookie topped with four marshmallows, two pink and two white, with shredded coconut, and often found with a squirt of jelly on top, and, occasionally, sprinkles. Sponch originates in Mexico and is manufactured by Marinela Bakeries.

See photo above.

The other was a chocolate sandwich cookie called "LORS".I can find nothing online about it; not even the bakery site owns up to it. The blue packaging was a manic wild man or caveman as its decoration.

The packages were not touched on the drive.

Early Sunday morning, there was a power failure in the area, so the hotel fire alarm dutifully went off, and the guests all streamed out of the facility be-jammied and grumpy.
Once it was determined that there was no conflagration, we hiked up eight flights to our room, and lay back down. Link remembered the snacks and hauled them out. First he opened the SPONCH!. He offered it to me, and I went to take a bite, until the...aroma...hit my nose. It had a the redolence of industrial waste. I could not even attempt to eat it. Next he offered up the LORS. I thought "It's a chocolate sandwich cookie. How bad could it be?".

Never ask that question.

It tasted...brown. That is pretty much it. Oh, and sweet. Brown and sweet. It was then I had the epiphany.

The Mexican illegal - er undocumented - migrants are NOT really coming for better jobs. They are running from their snack foods.

Not sure I can blame them.


David The Good said...

That's hilarious.

My family had a friend from Thailand who brought some snack food to the house as a gift "for the kids."

It consisted of nut slivers mixed with dried, whole minnows. Each one about an inch or less long, mouth frozen open in the rictus of death.

Dad claims they were great.

The Aardvark said...

Remember the "Larvets" craze?

Toasted, flavored mealworms.


Cunning Dove said...

The real way to tell if you live in a 3rd World country is based on what the "poor folks" eat. Have you ever seen the reaction from an immigrant going into Kroger for the first time? They are flabergasted.

We Americans live in a completely different world - sometimes, it is hard to believe we live on the same planet.