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Friday, August 01, 2008

Has anyone thought about how breathtakingly fast the US (and Europe) have moved onto an environmental war footing? Spain has moved into draconic mode by lowering speed limits, and limiting air conditioning settings. Some of our esteemed leaders are suggesting same.

Obama claims that we can do away with the need for new oil drilling by getting tune-ups and properly inflating our tyres.

If I make 100K per year, and save ten cents of each dollar, I'll never have to work again!

Point: the public policy eco-movement is falling into place suspiciously quickly. Of course "they" have known that we would get to this point of oil need, with no new drilling or refining capacity. The "crisis" has appeared, and the reaction by Our Leaders appears kneejerk and cobbled-together, but I wonder....

Just waiting for another shoe to drop.

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David The Good said...

Yeah. It's like the response to 9/11. The Patriot Act was in the chute surprisingly fast.

Not a coincidence.