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Thursday, August 28, 2008

If it isn't the real thing, I'm sunk.

Last week, as you recall, Will, Penny and Dr. Smith...

As most of my reader know, I'm in a medical research study for a BPH treatment. It consists of periodic injections to reduce testosterone production. I was apprised of certain possible side-effects. The obvious one is not a problem, thankfully. My libido is fine, thank you very much. However, I have some other less-than-fun things going on in my life. I have gained no weight, but my extant avoirdupois seems to be shifting to my abdomen. No six-pack, here...think of a keg. Meh.
The Aardvark seems not as sexiful as he once was.

That is really not that bad, comparatively speaking. My real problem is anger. Now, I have allus had a temper, but with zero being Nirvana, and nine being thermonuclear devastation, with kicking the dog and then dropping cinderblocks on it for good measure, well, I am currently going from 0 to 8 in five seconds. This is not good. Neither is it fun, and I had been worrying over it. Couple of days ago, whilst in a lucid and calm moment, I was discussing with The Dread Dormomoo and Loen my concern, when it hit me: "I'm in a medical trial!!". So-o-o-o-o-o...if I AM in fact receiving the real drug, and not a placebo, it may well explain the situation, and we can all handle it a bit better, with expectation of its being temporary.

If otherwise I am receiving coloured saline, I am having an Unpleasantness, one which needs to be dealt with. That or I am an Unpleasantness, the thought of which really makes me angry. Very, very....

Fortunately, I don't have a dog. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.


Gamegod said...

As a fellow medical guinea pig, I can really relate.

As a man who is infamous for his anger issues, and now taking shots of testosterone every 2 weeks I can tell you without a doubt,

were in the same boat.

Scary isn't it? I've gotten afraid to eat shelled peanuts because of what might happen if I open one and it's empty.

Knowing that it is a side affect, and that your not mutating into someone or something else is your best friend right now. It won't help your conscious much when you hurt someone else's feelings when you go off, but it does give you the leverage you need to stay sane.

I refer you to a wise friend who taught me a mantra when I worked for him. It helped me, and I think it will apply here if you word it right.

I quote, "Repeat after me, 'It's only a season'."

If you need a safe place to get away and vent, talk, or shoot something (Postal 2 has both dogs and cats) You know my door is always open for you.

The Aardvark said...

Boy...your wise friend was a YUTZ...;^)

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, when I made the correlation to the MARC trial, it DID make a difference.

Postal 2 ...silencers...heh.

Thanks. too, for the offer. I WILL take you up on it.

Speaking of cats. We have had strays attracted to our place, eating the food, and then downloading anchor kittens. We took ten to the pound yesterday. Things are more pleasant, now.

"It's only a season"...those were the days. It sure didn't help with that red camo t-ball job!
My injecting my finger with spotting fluid didn't help, either!

Gamegod said...

Ahhhh Memories!

When I was young, I was haunted by my memories and I hated them.

Now I love to dredge up old traumas...

Why you ask?

Because one, those old "trauma's" are like days at the parade compared to today..

and 2,
I love to think back on stuff that has happened to me over the years like my stepfather, high school bathrooms, ect, put my thumb to my nose with one hand, display my "yew finger" with the other and go

"HIEL! (rasberry)"

"HIEL! (rasberry)"

right in their face.

And then wave my hands in the air and sing

"OH NO NOT I...I will survive.."ect.

It's very therapeutic, I recommend it highly.

'Csuse I have become bigger and meaner than any of those memories or the S.O.G's that gave em to me ever thought about being.

And so have you big man, and I don't mean your gullet. Don't even go there and fall for that Cosmo standard crap. For me getting fat is like getting grey hair. I earned every one of them like I earned every extra pound and I will enjoy them!

And so we will with days such as these.

I have you a Postal 2 profile custom set up in your name. You have a silencer, a mouse button that does "bullet time", a sledgehammer (no cinder blocks, sorry), and cats...lots and lots of cats. WEG

Gamegod said...

Speaking of rants, I've done a doozy on my blog. I'd like your 2 cents sometime, either for each part or when it's done. KTXBY

The Aardvark said...

I thought Cosmo was Mr Spacely's first name!

Naaah, not worrying over phony standards. Just having fun with humor.

Thanks for the Postal profile. It will be...amusing.