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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wiki Woes Redux

The essential problem I see with Wikipedia, and our current cultural view of scientia overall, is the assumption that consensus yields Truth. We see this most glaringly in the Global Warming "discussion". It appears that few have a handle on the concept of objectivity. 2+2=4.

No, 2+2=42, assuming very large values for 2.

If I feel like assigning those values.

And I do.

Wikipedia, however, only allows the robust exchange of ideas and concepts if you toe an ideological line. Or if you have an ID that is acceptably pristeen to the many proctors and overseers that make sure that you stay on Massa's biased plantation.

Gravity pulls us toward Gaia's bountiful bosom at a rate of 32 feet per second, per second.
This is an objective measured fact...unless you happen upon some anomaly that Art Bell would be keen on. My feelings, my personal politics, my opinions on stem cell research, none of these alter the gravitic pull of Earth upon my person. Outcome-based Wiki might find another answer if your screen name is incorrect. (Hey, I have no axes to grind...Heavens, no!)

So what brought about this colicky bleat? This:

Blu Aardvark has left a new comment on your post "I dearly love the concept of "Zero Tolerance". It ...":

Heh, sorry about that. They do get quite paranoid there on Wikipedia.

Did you ever get them to lift that ban? If not, I can probably make a point of showing this blog post to them. Not that I imagine you'd have a large desire to edit after being treated like that.

Then again, "being treated like that" is the exact reason I went on several vandalism sprees. Ah, irony.

But apologies for the mistaken identity.

Apology accepted, though my beef was never with you. (Hmmm...perhaps I should say "My lentil stew was never with you". Then the Wiki gods would smile again. Just a feeling I have.)
Hope your business does well, Blu!

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