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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Evil face of Yahtzee

Mark Kelvin Allen, 49, was playing the dice game with 47-year-old Edith Elliot at her home in Tampa's Ybor City neighborhood on Saturday night, an arrest report said. They began to argue and Elliott went into a bedroom with her 49-year-old boyfriend.A dispute over a game of Yahtzee ended in a fatal stabbing, police said. Allen kicked in the door, scuffled with the boyfriend and then stabbed him twice, police said. The man, whose name is not being released until his relatives can be notified, later died at a hospital. --AP

Well, I've had enough!

This sort of thing has gone on for TOO LONG.

The Aardvark calls for...nay, he DEMANDS that there be Federal oversight of All Things Yahtzee. The poor girl on the "Superman" ride lost her feet, and the usual whiners started yammering for Federal investigations of thrill rides, but she did not lose her life. Yahtzee is at the heart of Murder Most Foul.

Let the committees commence.

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Anonymous said...

And we need congressional hearings with subpeonas for anyone who now or has ever played Yahtzee, owned a Yahtzee game, or knows anyone who has played Yahtzee or owns a game. And this must happen immediately! Lives depend on it.