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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well, I'm amazed!

Riatsila and I went to our favorite convention last weekend in Raleigh-Durham NC. Brian Exelbierd and his crack team of Convention-eers (like Disney Imagineers, only cooler) did their usual faboo job putting on a primo anime and Japanese culture convention. We saw old friends and customers, ate at our favorite Italian place, Ragazzi's, spent time with Frank and Lisa of Frank's Cool Stuff, and generally had a Grand Old Time.

That, and we made a pantload of money.

Our customer fan base is...enthusiastic about our shirts.
We were told that our shirts are happy, (as opposed to dark and brooding, I guess). Not a bad endorsement. I've always preferred humor and cultural comment on our shirts, rather than nastiness.

Back to Bex and crew. Four years ago, I approached them about printing their convention shirts, and they agreed. We haven't looked back. They sell lots of well-printed quality tees. So do we.
Everybody happy. The amazing thing is that they do not sell black t-shirts with a white design. (Sacrilege!) They sell colored shirts, with black artwork. (Scandalous!!)

The operative words being: they sell.

One thing I've noted over the forevers that I've done conventions is that many of the con officials have, um, Control Issues. Crack that whip. Not so the Animazement crew. I actually heard some teen con-goers comment on the laid-back nature of the Management. The local Sheriff's Department handles security for the Dealer's Room, and does so unobtrusively. This is not a draconian measure, and goes a LONG way toward discouraging the miscreants and oafs who might otherwise relieve us of our goods, sans shekels.

The Con Crew lets the attendees have fun. Outside things that might injure people or break stuff, most anything is OK. The Katamari fans have a big ball that they roll around certain allowed halls. People love it! Zero-Tolerance means Zero-Brains. The con allows costume weapons and such. One kid had a HUGE foam mallet. No prob. He behaved himself, and all was well. The Cosplayers maintain a family-friendly level of dress, and largely excellent quality.

I could go on, but I must sleep. Bex and Co. are great, and put on a great con.

They like us, and that's the best of all. We're like adopted family, or at least the like kids that ALWAYS show up at meal time, and you invite 'em in 'cos you like 'em.
We were invited to the apres-con staff dinner party. Thanks guys 'n' gals!

Lookin' forward to next year!

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