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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Is this not awesome
in its extreme awesomosity?

Here is the link.

Overall, I find SciFi Channel to be as cutting-edge as tapioca pudding, but occasionally they have some neat reportage on their website.

I got cable originally on the strength of the provider having SciFi Channel (or as Tony Papagermanos, a Greek nuke engineer I worked with said, the "Skiffy Channel". I miss Tony...a really nice guy, and personable.) This was back when they showed classic science fiction shows from the 50s and 60s, and it was the ONLY game in town for the Anderson shows like THUNDERBIRDS.

Alas, aside from a few stars in an otherwise paste crown, like The Dresden Files,
and Stargate: Atlantis, most of what they offer is Canadian-flavored Jello Instant Pudding with bad CG effects. Hey, at least Marina Sirtis is getting work. The best thing they do now is showing rather decent cancelled shows from UPN.

Instead of serving up fine cuisine, SciFi is diving in UPN's Dumpster.

Mmmmmmmm....pass some of that out-of-date baloney!

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Anonymous said...

It's all nice and well, BUT you got my name wrong! It's not TONY PAPAGERMANOS. Heck, I don't know HOW you remembered that much (i.e., my last name). My first name is Michael.

But, I am just shocked you remember me after so many years. Feel free to visit me on my blog.