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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sorry, kiddies...No time for Aardvark's Alley.

It has been an amazingly busy time. It has been non-stop at Aardvark Screenprinting. That is GOOD news for us, bad news for my blogging career. (Pause to cough and splutter)

I have been overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. Couldn't EVEN begin to deal with the VT horrors.
There is too much going on. I canceled my sub to a major news source. I can't deal with it all.

The negativity which surrounds me as far as the world is concerned is becoming impossible to address. I could be blogging twelve hours a day and not be able to handle it all.

Lookit, the BEST I can do for you is to suggest that if Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, and their ilk are so able to solve the Iraqi woes, then I suggest we make 'em happy, bring our boys and girls home, and send themselves over to pacify the region and make it safe for Democracy.

I'll even kick in for the plane tickets.

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