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Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Imus parting shot.

Don Imus has been around since they made radio valves out of rocks.
He has had practice. Prank calls (His Baby Huey call to a diaper service is a scream, as is the Army on bivouac calling in a to go order to Macdonalds), characters like Rev. Billy Sol Hargis of the First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship in Del Rio, Texas...like that.

My Best Buddy and Boon Companion in college, Brad Bradfield, had several Imus comedy albums, and would infli....er....share them with us.

Whether you like him or not, Imus is good at what he does, whatever that is.

My son Riatsila (play with the letters, people), was listening to a replay of the Torquemada-fest when Imus appeared on Sharpton's radio show. Mind you, Imus has been at this a lo-o-o-o-o-ong time. Riat listened, and started laughing, perhaps even chortling. He then pointed out the raison for his mirth. He is an artist, but one who has a keen ear, as well as a painful facility with wordplay.

Imus kept using words in his self-deprecation, words like


Don Imus has been at this a long time.

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