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Monday, January 29, 2007


A question that came up at home is What Would Jesus Blog?
(This of course begs the question of Whether We Need A Life.)
There are weblogs and journals of the utmost pristine purity,
nary a questionable question, no shade of unorthodoxy.
Then, there are those of Dark Design, used to promulgate
the eldritch, the shadowed, the bent. Between are endless ratios
of Mixture.Jesus was the sinless Son of God, yet many brethren today
would have serious trouble with him because of Who He Was Seen With.
Seems He was none too picky about whom he ate with, whom he taught,
whom he celebrated with.

Jesus did have some standards, however. He was not shy about letting the self-
proclaimed Orthodoxy know that they were rotten within, no matter how
perfect they appeared to those whom they lorded it over. The religious leaders
who made new rules to burden the hoi polloi were termed vipers, lumped
in with The Serpent himself. Yet Jesus was lambasted as a glutton, a drunkard,
as well as being a bad judge of character. As they say, where there's smoke,
there's fire! After all, his close retinue of followers included salty-tongued fishermen,
quisling tax agents , at least one terrorist, a thief, and a cynical doubter. He was acquainted
with Women Of Questionable Virtue, and actually...touched...lepers. His first miracle
provided potent potables for a wedding party- that would deny him membership at
Certain Congregations.

The point of this ramble is that if the sinless Son of the I Am was not loath to be in contact
with the imperfect, the sinful, neither then should we, as His disciples. As Paul -no shrinking violet, he- said, how shall they hear without a preacher? Whether it is online, at work, or in the marketplace, we are called to meet humanity and deliver the Good News of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and the promise of His return, not huddle in sanctified self-righteousness, fearing contamination. It is incumbent upon us to spread the Word in whatever venue the Lord opens up for us. I have personally been able to multiply my opportunities sharing on different blogs through their comments. ONLY sharing the truth that is on topic, though, otherwise I would come across like a crank with an axe to grind. Read how Paul dealt with the idolatry in Athens.
Not a torch or anti-pagan march in sight! No flailing about with ten-pound KJVs. He met the Athenians where they were, and taught the appropriate truth. Listening to the Holy Spirit helped him, too, which indicates that God had no problem with Paul's modus.

Happy blogging!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I could certainly take a pointer or two from you. Oh, I don't have a problem with the "lowly", what you do to the least of these... it got my attention a long time ago. Of course, I still can have problems there but that is life, and I am still in sin diapers.

The part that I really take to heart is the flailing, heavy-handed, comment thing. Not just in blogs, either... *sigh* I don't know if you have ever watched Monty Python's In Search of the Holy Grail (or whatever the title actually is)? If so, one of the knights always gets carried away... harken back to the wedding scene... well, that's my problem in a vistual nutshell. You and I can't solve it, but getting a lesson now and again can help. Remembering who is really in charge also helps.

Anyway, thanks for the daily blog prayer. It's good to remember. I like the way you teach/preach.