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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Oy. The Dobsonoids -I have been one in the recent past- are at it again. The poor unfortunate loser Kimveer Gill shot up Dawson College, and vidya games are taking the heat. Shoot, may as well say that being on an emo loser vampire web community made him try to cleanse the college- wait, they're saying that, too, most likely.

I didn't take logic, and I have regretted it, but even I can recognise the logical fallacy here.
"Ooooooh, he played that EEEEEEEEEE-vil shoot 'em up game about Columbine, and it TRAINED him to shoot up his school." There are evangelical lawyer-types here in the South making a career of appearing at churches, conferences, and conservative chat shows "proving" the link between violent games and real-world violence. The logic displayed is as disingenuous as that usually displayed by the doubtable Nancy Grace.

After a thing, therefore, because of a thing.

Here's the deal: This guy -and guys like him- have Predilections and Tendencies. These influence Interests and Appetites. He likes violent, disturbing things, therefore he does violent disturbing things. He liked the Columbine RPG because it was violent. He was not violent because of the game. I am tired of people on "my side" (believers) acting like asses' heads to promote a book or scheme, when their logic is so fallacious.

May as well toss the Bible out of the window, with free will. B.F.Skinner, anyone?

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Billiam said...

Nicely said. Then again, I like first person shooters, as well. I enjoy running through mazes, blowing up things. In the game. I don't do it in reality because it's WRONG! Somewhere, something in these kids gets disconnected. I wish I knew the answer, but, as you say. It's not the games fault.