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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

dragonCON redux

As promised....the REST of.......................the stoRY.

As to heroes, whilst I DID see Adrienne Barbeau (breathed several of the same molecules, I did!)
and brethren, I strongly suspect that she has a Special Oil Portrait hidden in an attic somewhere, so good does she still look, she does not qualify. I got an autograph from Don S. Davis (Gen. Hammond of Stargate) and as gentlemanly and folksy as he is, neither does he qualify. Ralph Malph, Potsie, and Joanie were all there, and lo, THEIR Special Oil Portraits perished hideously in a fire. No heroes there, nor Rip Taylor, nor yet Mickey Rooney (he is small, and infinitely old, and is likely kept in cryo-sleep between signings).

I speak of the Wolff. Michael. Comic writer, Starlog commentator and reviewer, maintainer of the Sacred Flame of Things Supercar, and even Tom Swift and crew. He is discipling me somewhat in my fiction writing, and ably. He and his sweet wife broke bread with Mr. McLeod and me, and had a glorious evening. I have known him online for several years, now, and it was just neat to meet him, and talk shop, plan conventions (maybe), and reminisce about fandom Back in the Day. I have met his partner in crime Kez Wilson, the artist of the duo. They both tried to resurrect the Supermarionation franchises through the graphic novel. The first Supercar comic was released, with a toy line, and there were plans for a Fireball XL5 and a UFO series of comics. Alas, the reception was less than what was expected, and let's say fortunes were lost. It was a case of the System not responding. The interest in the Gerry Anderson series was at a fever pitch, but advertising and distribution were disastrous. (The comic industry has been moribund since the mid-nineties.)

Michael continues to write, and well. When permitted, I shall provide links.
I met and it made the rest of dragonCON worth it.
I'm looking forward to next year!

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