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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ohhhhhhhh, the OUTRAGE!!!

I was doing some reading, and ran across the makings of a "Rest of.....the stoREEE" goody.
It's about a politico who said one thing, and did something else.

(Oh, say it ain't SO!!)

He had dark hair.
He had a predilection for occult secret societies, especially ones with ummmm, selective memberships. Very pale memberships.

He was also uncomfortable with adherents of a Certain Ancient Mid-Eastern Religion, and effectively removed them from the airwaves.

I love screamingly obvious things like this, because, of course, the answer to this barely-a-conundrum is...IS....

Alabama Governor Bob Riley.

Yessss, my brethren and sistren...
Brother Bob, of course, ran on a "taxes are EEEEE-vil" platform, and won, wherupon he immediately pushed for a two billion dollar tax increase. The Pee-pul roundly rejected it.
Brother Bob is a Mason. His Grand Masonic Lodge has a whites-only membership. Welcome to the Twenty-First Century; now where's my rocket pack?

The really FUN part, though, is that he- or his Dark Forces- pushed to have Russ and Dee Fine
fired from their morning talkshow on the Crawford Broadcasting 101.1 FM-The Source in Birmingham. In case you haven't sussed it out, "Fine" is NOT an Irish name. Russ and Dee have been gadflies (and I mean that in the best possible way!) of the power brokers, political elites, and mentally challenged in what passes for Public Service here in Alabammy. They have been relentless in exposing the hypocrisy and inaction of Our Servants as regards "the business interest backed illegal alien invasion" and "the threat of Islam and its Muslim followers who seek to destroy the United States and all "the infidels" (which is every Christian and Jew and remaining non-Islamic 'unbelievers' in the country)". Add a generous helping of criticism of the guv and his contrarian policies, and you have an informative, exciting, and hugely provoking program. Russ and Dee have also put their money where their mouths are, holding Alabama Tea-Party rallies, and personally helping those in need. They are not mere political shock-jock drive-timers. They encourage ACTION, and action is an abomination to the Entrenched Powers. So Billy-Bob Riley and his cronies have forced the only Jewish talk radio couple off the air in Ber...Birmingham.

And they have been silenced. For now. Bookmark and crawl their website which they are maintaining, and will continue to update. Pray good things for these guys, and that they will get a new voice. In the short run, I would encourage their doing true webcasts, just as though they were still doing the normal morning show. I'll kick in toward the bandwidth.

(Just to be clear, they are not in penury. Russ is a tenured med prof at UAB.) This ain't Queen for a Day.

There's an obscure reference for you whippersnappers.

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Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed Crawford Corporate and the 101.1 local source and expressed my opinion on the Russ and Dee matter and I am sure they have many other folks doing the same.