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Sunday, January 11, 2004

I swanee, despite my best efforts, I can't help but have SOME anticipation of the "Thunderbirds" movie next summer.
(Maybe the same dread anticipation of what you KNOW you'll see as you pass a head-on collision, but you rubberneck anyway.) This Aardvark has been a MAJOR fan of All Things Anderson since I was a li'l 'vark of 4-or-5. What kind of fan,
you ask? You know the funny way the marionettes walked? I do...er, DID that. How about that arms-hanging-at-the-end-of-wires movement when the puppets did stuff with their hands? Guilty. Of course, I have NORMAL things I do, like collecting the music, humming the music, collecting the DVDs, playing the DVDs, collecting the toys, playing with the...but I digress.

Jonathan Frakes is at the helm of the movie. That's OK. But the man NEVER SAW THE SHOW!
Gerry Anderson was not consulted until LATE in the process, and by that time was in a sufficient snit to desire to have nothing to do with the movie. All things to give one pause. But I've seen the trailer. IT IS GORGEOUS! I really want to see this movie. There will be more on this later. >clever ending pending<

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