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Sunday, January 18, 2004


Busy, busy, busy! What an amazing, PAINFUL week. Monday was good, but HUGELY busy. Tuesday, our new Real Screenprinter's Conveyor Dryer came. Crate was too big to fit through the door. We uncrated it, and three of us turned it on its side to carry it inside. I was the odd man (!) in the middle, supporting the boxy heating chamber. To move it in, I had to step across the pallet it shipped upon. As I did, I took a mis-step, and shifted my attention to my feet, instead of paying attention to the weight I was carrying. As the other two continued to move across the pallet, my right arm continued moving with them. AS I over-extended my reach, my bicep went >TWANG<, a sensation which I profoundly pray I never feel again. It felt like a bungee cord writhing and unravelling in my upper arm. Gamegod MADE me go to the doc, who gave me pills, a sling, and orders to take it easy,and rest the arm. Fine.

WEDNESDAY---I got an email from ChattaCon: "We have dealer tables for this weekend!" ACK!!! Gotta print shirts for the week-end, and me with a busted wing. I was a good boy. I didn't do anything with my arm...I COULDN'T, it hurt too much..
Gamegod and my son Noel printed. It worked. Huzzah!
More to come..........

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