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Friday, March 04, 2016

Frank speech.

Why don't candidates get Lisa Frank to design their stickers?


It will be SO embarrassing with the "take back America" thing when we find out it just fell and rolled under the dresser.


Commenting as a Repub, the party has left me. We voted in a Repub majority to do specific (promised) things, and NO SOONER did Congress get back in town, but McConnell and Boehner said "NOPE! We aren't gonna do it.", and then Ryan doubled down on that, and we have had bupkis done. Would have done as well voting straight Democrat, and I mean EVERY SYLLABLE of that. I cannot abide liars.

The Republican Party of yore is done. The party of Reagan is gone, and every plank of the platform lies rotting in the miasma of D.C. political pragmatism.


Romney begged for Donald Trump's support in 2012.
Loyalty doesn't run very deep with Captain Underoos.


I keep seeing this, and it TASKS me.
The word is "Voila"( vwa-LA). "Walla" is half a town in Washington state.


Atkins chili.
Because cumin is the only spice in the world.



This is not a bunch of political campaigns.
This is an otaku orgy.


I am the one person on the planet besides the !Xhosa guy who found that Coke bottle who has never seen "Frozen".
Anyone else making this claim is merely trying to steal my distinction. They should let it go.


"Be wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves. " - St. Paul
In a litigious society filled with individuals and groups hungering to be offended, if you are in a service business, and someone comes in wanting to buy your product or service, and for whatever reason you do not wish to do so, it might be wise to not go into all the "whys" of your decision. It will not be A Testimony. It will NOT be A Good Witness. It will be Foolish, and offer you the opportunity to be seen on TV In A Bad Light. Many times these situations occur PRECISELY to cause a problem, and the wise move is to let them know you are busy, and give them two suggestions of other businesses that might be able to help them.
You do not owe anyone your opinions, or your reasons.


Politics involves strategy. Your vote not only goes for your "guy", it also serves to cancel out an opposing vote. Staying home because your guy didn't win the nomination provides a "gimme" for the opposition, and frankly teaches you a bad habit.
This is not about who got the most Valentines in fourth grade. This is about the immediate future of the nation, and for our kids and grandkids.
"Gramma, why did you help (insert loathsome monster HERE) ruin America?"
"Well, honey, I felt bad because Ben Carson didn't make the cut, so I stayed home to show EVERYBODY, and send a message by Pouting a Great Pout."


Trump shows up at a Cruz Rally where the doubtable Glenn Beck is to give a speech, likely dictated by The Almighty. The Glenndroids are whinging about Trump "bullying".
Bullying? This is politics, not second grade recess. This is Big Boy stuff, with skinned knees and bloody noses and the occasional broken arm. Bullying? There is a vulgar descriptor that I am struggling not to type. When did we become so lame as adults? Trump shows up at an event. Says hard things. This is life, this is being a grown-up. This is Politics.
Give Beck and his devotees pink anti-bullying shirts, and let them go home and cower.
(This is not a Trump endorsement. This is an Aardvark being incredulous at the childish weenieness displayed by people trying to play at the rough-and-tumble game of National Politics.)
Bullying...FAUGH! Pfui! Other expletive as needed.
Addendum: It was a caucus, where he had a right to be!

I just coined a word.
The most important word for our time!


So, the Politics of Tantrum continues apace.
Intellectual two-year-olds collapsing to the floor, kicking their sassy little feet and screaming "IF ANYONE BESIDES MY GUY IS THE NOMINEE, THEN I'M GONNA STAY HOME!!!!!!"
"I will aid and abet those who would continue the corrosion of these United States because I ca n't get my way. "
This is NOT a caricature.
Grow up, people. Just...GROW UP!



I have detested when people display an automatic assumption that people are Out To Do Them Dirty.
Now, given a culture that has consciously rejected things which made for good ethics and doing right, and seeing and experiencing the results play out day-to-day, I have difficulty thinking otherwise.


The post-WW2 industrial boom in the US is due to one major thing.
We had bombed all of our industrial competitors back to before the industrial revolution. We were the only game in town. Then we rebuilt our competitors.
Barring either our supremacy in a similar war, or our removing people who should not be here from the job pool, we will not ever approach that level of industrial productivity again.



Have a great weekend!


Doom said...

1) Gah! Is that created by a fully grown woman? Gah!

2) Next.

3) Hmm? Sure, but... keep voting for them anyway? Hmm? (from your future notions)

4) He said, no, really. He said... get this... Romney! (never mind if you don't get it, not sure I do, fully, still) Hahahaha

5) Yeah, that walla thing... Yeah. Actually new a gal from Walla-Walla. A redhead. Trouble from go, but what can you do? However, as it pertains to voila? Voila is such an easy thing to forget. And if you can't quite pull out the beginning letter, looking it up is beastly. I've had to do a whole search string, starting with something like "words magicians use", or the like. Is that a French crap word? :p

6) Don't know Atkins, think I have known some of their cooks. Bleh.

7) I knew I was the Pooh! I knew I always liked the Pooh. I just didn't know until know the whole story?

8) Had to look that up. Glad I didn't, in an alternative future. Afraid you are right in this present. Just thinking out loud.

9) Right! But can YOU can a grant from the Department of Funny Walks? I think not, good sir!

10) Hsss! Not sure I can do the last part so well. Though I honestly haven't killed anyone in ages. And I have had to be careful a time or dozen.

11) Goes to 3. How can you support what you obviously see to not work. In Einsteins childlike believes, insanity isn't an illness but a choice... doing the same thing, over and over, expecting different results. I'll allow you to argue for #3, or #11, not both, not rationally.

12) Good call. I think I know the word you are thinking. Starts with p, ends in y. Oh, heck... pushy. :p Yeah, family friendly, yeah, I try to play by owner's rules. I pushed Bane, and cause Vox headaches, close to the line. All I'm saying.

13) Trollitics? Maybe. Has there ever been anything else? Politics exist because men fell. If women started it, they did get the worst of the deal. Like war, or even hunting (and gathering), politics is a corruption based on a corruption. Still, I do love venison. Politics, however, I could do without.

14) Again, and along with #3 and #11... you get one, or the other, not both. As for me, I have pulled out of voting. It isn't because my guy doesn't get picked, it's because I haven't had a guy IN the race. Hell... oops... heck.... I don't even have a party at this point. No, no, no. Voting merely legitimizes, in their minds, your acceptance of your place in their scheme. I would see almost nobody voting to delegitimize their politics rather than a continuation of the status quo. Dang straight I would!

15) ??? You hate sliders? The overuse, or wrong use(?), of the term? Sliders were picnic foods for my first... 15 years!

16) Oh, well, yes. Paranoia runs deep here. Though for good reason. Still, I try to keep that in check. Or at least, while I note my troubled thoughts, keep going on as if I can get past it. Which, often, I can. But that doesn't mean they weren't trying to do me dirt, nor does it mean they were? *itches scalp... while eyeing the surrounds suspiciously* :p

17) Never again? Never say never again. I'd hate to see you proven wrong, and fate has a way of doing that. *wink*

18) Oh, thanks Olly. Now I'm hungry. Can an Aardvark be named Olly? :)

Have a great weekend yourself.

Michael W said...

1. Doom: "Actually knew a gal from Walla-Walla" sounds like a song from the 1940s. "I knew a gal from Walla-Walla/She was a redhead could make you holla!"

2. If I ever get a chance I want to shake the hands of both McConnell and Boehner. To take a party with the foundation and background of the GOP, and dismantle it so thoroughly that there may be absolutely no chance of recovery, smacks of a level of artistry and genius to rival that of Rodin or Picasso.

Michael W said...

And, instead of stickers from Lisa Frank, how about television spots from Frank Mouris?


Doom said...


Nice shot. Though, if you take it to repress, past or future confronts me none, if there are royalties, may I have crown? :p

And, that is a Frank I can live with. Typical moments of thought. I think a bit baroque for most?

Michael W said...

Doom: If I ever manage it then you're definitely down for half.

Doom said...

It's twu! Ask and yea shall receive. Or receiveth when dealing with Metallica (somehow). Never mind. I probably just need another half gallon of tea.