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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Greater Trumps.

Hello, kiddies!

As ever, "Truth" = "Whatever agrees with one's viewpoint".


A man endorses someone "I don't agree with".
He is disgraced, therefore.
Is the entire nation 8 years old?


The Dread Dormomoo was examining a coin closely, "I can't tell how old this nickel is. It's decroded.".


I miss old Superman. Comics Code Superman. The bank robbers dump Jimmy Olson down a well, and the signal watch goes zee-zee-zee Superman.
Funny book Superman, the ones I read as a kid. Escapist fare, not gritty in-your-face mean streets of Metropolis Superman. Multi-colored Kryptonite Superman. Bizarro, Mister Myxsptlk, and Kandor-in-a-can Superman.
Pre-retconning Superman. Lois Lane, Perry White, newspaper biz Superman. "Really, glasses are your disguise?" Superman.
I miss fun Superman.


Had to get a new monitor today for Colossus. The Baleful Eye had been reduced to faint flickers.
Got a GREAT deal on a 24" Samsung LED monitor. Very nice, bright, and clear.
And too big for my computer desk-tower-thingie.
The eyeballing, she does not work.


I've been moving gingerly today, because I pulled an Alan Tracy in the middle of the night.

My daughter sez "So, you whined about not getting to go to a ritzy nightclub with your older and infinitely more awesome brothers?"

I begin to think that nothing short of an asteroid strike will reduce the size of our

Watched "Gorath" yesterday while doing sublimation prints.
You know, the dubbed Japanese flick with Paul Frees doing about 500 of the voices.
In a good way.





Michael W said...

I miss the Atom sitting on the little anti-gravity chair in JLA headquarters.

Also Professor Hyatt's Time Pool.

Also the original Metal Men and Atomic Pirates.

I flat-out miss the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Lex Luthor in his grey prison jumpsuit.

I want a complete set of Giant Turtle Olson appearances.

Gil Kane on Green Lantern . . . Carmine Infantino on the Flash.

The Blackhawks flying around in Lockheed XF-90s.

The Sea Devils, the Space Canine Patrol Agency and Wonder Tot.

Kryptonite in practically every color under the rainbow.

The Bizarro World.

Lana Lang (there's always room for Lana Lang. Especially as Insect Queen).

Adam Strange having to figure out where the Zeta Beam will strike next.

Great Flash villains such as the Mirror Master (still one of my favorite DC uniforms) and the Top.

The Inferior Five!

(Okay, is it obvious a button has been pushed here?)

The Aardvark said...

Nostalgia, much?

Doom said...

Quit entertaining! I came here to be... Wait. Never mind. Carry on.

Oh, and about reducing the size of .gov? Be careful what you wish for. That is eminently doable. Though, no such luck quite yet. We have to go through a hell of our own making, then die about as bad. We aren't even close to being there yet. So... either enjoy what you may or learn how to live long.

I also reminded folk of their impatience in a fallen world. You do realize, as a Christian, that for each sin, thus greatly for each sinner, Christ, in time, suffer still. If He can hold out, I have decided, I suppose I can carry my nano-cross, innit? Yeah, if someone has a right to be impatient, I would say it is He. And yet I have know doubt He takes His (our, all of our) suffering in stride better than we can, individually, our own. So... if it seems tough, look to Christ. The glory of it is blinding to our... problems.

Michael W said...

I nostalgia perhaps more than is good for me. But if more people today could just write comics, then it wouldn't be such a problem. There are some contemporary writers who I admire greatly: Jeph Loeb, Brad Meltzer, Greg Rucka, Alan Heinberg, Mark Waid, Alex Ross, Alan Moore and Frank Miller come immediately to mind.

But most of these new kids today can't write worth a flying flip. I very recently resumed reading Uncanny X-Men, but just as quickly dropped it because it was unmitigated mush (I told the proprietor at Green Dragon to replace it with the upcoming Neal Adams mini-series "Superman: The Coming of the Supermen".

(Hey! If you can't depend on Adams, then you might as well hang it up altogether.)

The Eminently Grey One hit it firmly on the Fortress of Solitude door when he said he missed the "fun Superman". Not only charm, but a simple sense of humor has been leached out of practically all super-hero comics these days. In the hands of a good writer even the grimmest Batman story ever written will contain at least a smidgen of wit (especially for the writer who can create good Alfred dialogue). But such effort is apparently not in the rulebooks for DC's "New 52" (and apparently even less so for "Marvel NOW!"). We now have a generation of comic "professionals" who feel they have to invoke the ghost of Thomas Hardy or Henry James . . . and not a one of them are fit to clean Stan Lee's typewriter.

Yeah, I'm bugged. We need less neo-Realism, and more of the bottle city of Kandor.

Thus endeth the fanboy rant for today.