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Sunday, June 08, 2014

When is vore not vore?

When it's Haré + Guu!

The boy is Haré, a ten-year-old who lives in the jungle with his mother. Guu, the girl, comes into their home to live as she has no parents. Her appearance is cute and sweet, very kawaii. They play together, then go to sleep. Next morning, Haré finds that Guu has changed drastically:

Her friendly, vivacious nature is now dour, ominous and flat. And she eats things. whole bananas. People. Animals. Perhaps eats is incorrect. She swallows them, and they enter a strange Wackyland
world inside.

Full Image

There is a couple, a weird multi-legged cat, a menagerie of animals, all of which Guu can hwarf up when she chooses, with no harm beyond a time discontinuity. Guu is Not As She Seems, a liminal creature, an intermediate being.

Hilarity ensues, as Haré proceeds to stress over protecting his little world, family and friends against Guu's uncertain intentions. He is a little boy carrying a heavy weight. Guu is the trickster, bringing chaos into the village, and into Haré's life.

I bought this set back in aught-six, as I recall, from the producers of the English dub, AN. I watched a couple of episodes, then became distracted by busy-ness, or stuff, or ooh, look, a KITTY!

My shirt-printing life has shifted to the after-six PM-til-dawn mode, and so I have lots of time to be entertained whilst printing, with a pistol by my side. Yeppers, lookit ME, I'm trendy! (No I do not carry it into Publix, pointing out good prices with my laser sight...I am many things, but yahoo is not one of them. Neither am I a Houyhnhnm, but that's a horse of a different color.) I decided to give the series another try. Very happy with the results.

Haré's mom left (her very wealthy) home, pregnant by an unrevealed man and rejected by her father. She winds up on the jungle island, gives birth and raises Haré. The community welcomes them. I am currently halfway through the series, and will not do spoilers. If you enjoy bizarre shows, wacky, and off-beat, you may well enjoy Haré + Guu.

But stay away from vore. That's just creepy.


-Warren Zoell said...

I'm expecting L. Ron Hubbard to come jumping out of the woodwork any moment now.

Michael W said...

For an interesting story on L. Ron Hubbard:


Doom said...

Not sure it's quite my area. However, any man who has an off-beat passion, and a pistol with the knowledge of when to, and not to, wear it, has great potential for acknowledgement. If he is like me, that does and doesn't mean much. Clear as mud yet? I've only just started! Now, where were we. Right. Australia. :p

I only wear my pistol, one of them, open carry, when hiking. You should see the look I get from shirtless manling collegians jogging the trail. First size, they almost look as if they have seen a bear when coming around a blind bend, lots of those. *side-step and consider running, sprinting, in the other direction... whites of eyes* When that calms down, they see the pistol and. OMG! There are bears, there are mountain lions, there are rattlesnakes. Well, and fussy joggers. Who will be happy, if they meet on of those others, then run into me.

Jay! said...

You never know who/what might wander in to the business in the wee small hours. A pistol is prudent.

Especially if some kreepy vore type shows up.

Mmmm ... Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!


Jay! said...

Oh yes! When is vore not vore?

In Shinkais' latest anime film, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, a "god" has to swallow the young couple in order to transport them to their goal.

Kind of off putting but other than that, the film is pretty good.

The Aardvark said...

"Vore" is one of those little things that I really wish the internet had not taught me. Furries seem to be attracted to it.

I just keep my pistol by my side, at hand, when I work the wee hours.

"shirtless manling collegians" HY-larious.

Michael W said...

When I first encountered the term "vore" I thought it was only referring to things like the Chupacabra, some of my high school classmates, or the Mongolian Death Worm.

I should've really known better . . .