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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Say it loud, say it proud...

There is no Conservative vs. Liberal party.

There is no Republican vs. Democrat party

No Constitutional vs. Progressive party.

There is only one party: The Power Party.
No sides in Washington, though the theatrics exist. Save but for a scant handful (and I suspect most or all of them anymore), all, all, all are in D.C. for the Power, and to maintain their grasp upon it. We may think fondly of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", but that is an excellently sappy movie; true Capra-corn (and I do so love it!). Look to your own houses! "There is no help in the House of Jesse." The best we have done is no, not lipstick on a pig...; the best we have done is to apply a dot of nail varnish in the tip of one hoof, a very tiny dot.

A complete house-cleaning (and Senate-cleaning, too) is in order. It is not just a neat idea, but vital if we are to have a Constitutional Republic. Every headline seems to waft the rot of our "representatives" to our nostrils. Reading history shows this to be nothing new, but if we are to have America that even somewhat resembles the founders' vision, we must play it by the rules. Otherwise, we will be playing Monopoly with a pinochle deck.

Yeah, that's gonna work.



Michael W said...

"And nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else desire Power."

Jay! said...

Ah yes ... A senate primary runoff election was just run in Mississippi ... Cochran the "democrat" won.

May I post this article on my blog?

Doom said...

Play BioShock... It's sort of what is left of politics. Industrialists versus populists. Both in for big government, for their own wants. Populists always win, once God and small government believers are nixed from the mix. But, as usual, to very bad results. Only, this time, the believers are armed. It 'do' make a difference. Bleh. Still won't be very pretty.