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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The unpardonable sin.

I am eschewing Facebook (again) for an indeterminate time. The rage, she has built! The absolute blithering moronity (well, it's a word, now) has made me unpleasant to be around. The Usual Suspects have tired me beyond belief with kneejerk politicking, which leads me to the title of the piece.

In a world where dismembering babies in utero is a practical sacrament, and where the public proclamation of one's (Christian) beliefs is shouted down as promoting an oppressive State Religion, when, and how, did "racism" become the ne plus ultra of social transgression? If I harbor unpleasant thoughts about one of another hue, or use a pithy vulgarism to refer to one of Particular Ethnicity, why does this cause me to be of close-to-Hitler popularity amongst society-at-large? The illiberal, the xenophobic, the intolerant -if only in word or even attitude- is roasted to a golden brown and then devoured on the table of public opinion.


Why is "being racist" such a bad thing? I am not being coy, nor disingenuous. Let's discuss this. I feel that I am adrift amidst the flotsam of disjointed prevailing sentiment. "Things fall apart; the center does not hold." There is no Pole Star to guide me through the shoals of consensus. Why is this The Thing to despise?

It seems that a culture requires something to hold it together. We have always been at war with Eurasia. Like that. The Five-Minute Hate writ large. We can agree on nothing, except someone to pillory, someone to loathe.

Someone to feel superior toward.

Is it as simple as that, or are there more complex issues at work? Inquiring minds want to know.


Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

I agree. Kobe Bryant was accused of RAPE and his sponsors return after a short time out. He was welcomed back to the ball game. This old man is illegally tape recorded and it's as if he did the worst thing ever. He was already known to have been a racist. He was cheating, openly, on his wife, no one cared about that. His "girlfriend" got a Bentley from him, those cars cost $300,000. We agonize over the NSA spying on use, but it's okay for our friends to record our phone conversations? The world has gone mad. Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Michael W said...

@Mike Creek.

I firmly believe that the citizens of Orwell's Oceania didn't simply wake up one morning to find that telescreens had been quietly installed during the night. No. It all started with cell phones. Then smart phones. Then selfies. Everything feeding our growing narcissistic personality. Then Apple or Samsung (or some other) releases a flatscreen TV which will allow its viewers to display themselves to others. From that it was the smallest step to Physical Jerks (although, to my way of thinking, the citizens of 1984 were already jerks to begin with).

During my days as a Confirmation Class student (under the tutelage of the worthy Pastor A.H. Bohls) I came across the following: "The gates of Hell are locked from the inside".

Jay! said...

Your question: Why is "being racist" such a bad thing?

Racism, simply put, means having an affinity &/or feeling of solidarity to those who share the same physical,genetic,behavioral traits as yourself.

Hollywood and even trolls within the movement notwithstanding, hatred of others is not a part of it.

To have a sense of solidarity with ones own race is a no no to the "system" because:

It is bad for "business". One is less apt to "buy" into the "one size fits all" mentality of work force compliance and consumerism.

The adherance to an actual natural collective (Friends, family, race.)makes one less apt to pursue the "American Dream" (Whatever the hell that is.) and accumlulate debt.

Racism can however be exploited by the system ie: "victim groups" composed mainly of non-whites used by government, education, media,and business to counter any feelings of solidarity among whites.

Yes, racism exists among those not white. The claim is that racism can't exist among non-whites as they are not in a position of power.

In a way, this is true. These "victim groups" only have as much power as the aforementioned interests will let them have.

As for "white privilege", I've been looking for it for years and haven't found it yet. I certainly could use the better apartment, car, job and fat paycheck. Maybe the aforementioned "victim groups" can tell me where to sign up for it.