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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Dearest reader o' mine....

I have been in travail, covered up with work, trying to do a creditable job with the blogradio thing, selling at cons, being covered up with work, like that. So, my apologies for leaving you all bereft of my innate wisdom and winsome style, or at least granting you point-and-laugh moments (Can you buhLEEEEVE he actually wrote those syllables?!)

I find that moving my jaws is far easier than tapping on a keyboard. Mr. Wolff can attest to that fact. He despairs that I shall ever get beyond three-paragraph stories, I fear.

If anyone has heard the audio Plumbline (and stats say that someone is...several someones!) feel free to send me suggestions for improvement (ending the show is not an option) or topics. I am earnestly trying to stay away from politics...you can listen to AM and get a bellyful of that...but that will happen from time to time. As promised, neither shall the show become the Interwebs Bible Hour, but I shall deal with Biblicality where need arises.

Sharing Facebook drama? No??

The "schedule" shall be Wed - Thurs, with an occasional Tues - Wed to adjust for work schedules.

I am seriously considering a Saturday night soberblog, "The Tiki Time Lounge", celebrating tiki culture, exotica (no, that does NOT put the "X" in erotica), and Space-Age Bachelor Pad music. This will also occur at cons from time to time. I must find a comparatively inexpensive way to clear playing music, beyond VPNs and entering witness protection. This MAY be a fools errand, but if I can find a small sponsor, this could be a thing.

Dear Leader also supported Prop 8 during his brief tenure in the Senate. Why is HE still CEO of the US?

I must awa' to print shirts for a con. Happy week!


Michael W said...

If I had your business, and as much travel as you experience, I doubt I'd get much writing done either.

(Not that this lets you entirely off the hook, you understand. But I do sympathize.)

Giraffe said...

Hey Aardvark. Just stopping by. I have not been your way for quite awhile, so I figured I'd say hello.

Looks like I will have to check out some new stuff here.

The Aardvark said...

@Michael - I thank you for your magnanimity!

@Giraffe - Hi, guy! Welcome back to my little sandbox. Feel free to peruse what offerings there are, and by ALL means, check the unsteady-on-its-pins-but-getting-there blogradio version. I'm doing two nights a week, 60 minutes each, and considering a third on Saturday nights.