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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One of the reasons that the public backing of The War Effort is on the wane-and I am NOT a backer of the war on Terror- is that we have no clear enemy. If terror was the killer from the SCREAM movies, we could get a handle on it. How about the bureaucrat Hengist, who turned out to be a Piglet-voiced Jack the Ripper in the original Star Trek? THAT'S an image we can get our brains around. We have no such image of our enemy in this pathetic hoedown of a war. No, THREE wars.

Political Correctness in all its Marxist glory has stripped us of our most potent weapon. Mark Twain said "Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.". Caricaturing the enemy, subjecting him to ridicule, makes him less fearsome, less formidable, and more defeatable. Because we are fighting by Emily Post's Rules of Warfare, we cannot use the impolitic, or the impolite. If Bin Laden had been cartooned as a goat, or Mohammed as a camel (PBUH), we would have gone a long way toward having a despisable, fightable enemy.

Propaganda cartoons make the Enemy less than human. This may not be nice, but it is War. A dehumanised enemy is a defeatable one. I am not advocating the wholesale scoffing and fun-making of other humans, but in War, the point is To Win. Propaganda Cartoons are a potent tool for winning. We need to have a raft of cartoonists to puncture the pretensions of our enemies. PLEASE, let's be sensible, and do this thing to win!

Of course, this assumes a sane national wish to actually win. It has been clear since Viet Nam that we have ceased as a nation to have the desire to crush our enemies. It's as though Nagasaki and Hiroshima used up the national will, and we must atone by being losers forever.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Let's try this for the hundred-thousandth time:
The police/kinetic military action on terror is about money for bankstaz and other friends of bureaucracy, not victory. They've already told you they plan on dragging it out a hundred years if necessary. The primary engine of big government is self-perpetuation at your expense, freebees for those who support its expansion, and wrath upon all who do not.
How old are you...and you haven't figured this out?

The Aardvark said...

Ted, not EVEN the issue I am dealing with. I am talking about an abstract idea that has been abandoned in modern warfare, that of belittling your enemy, making him laughable. The propaganda cartoons of WW2 are amazingly fun and effective. We have abandoned the way of waging war that has worked for centuries for the sake of PC! Of course this likely plays into your vision of the bureaucrat/industrial complex.

All of this makes the necessity of rev*luti*n clear.

Basically, I just wanna see a cartoon of Mohammed as a camel....

The Aardvark said...

I say we need to get John Kricfalusi on the job!!