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Monday, May 09, 2011

I am agog at the dependability of dispensational stupidity. Jesus is ostensibly Lord, yes? You spell Lord "B-O-S-S", yes?

So why, if our Boss says regarding his return:

"No one knows when that day or hour will come-not the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Matthew 24:36 NIV

do people insist on setting a date?

Why? Could the answer be MPAI? What part of Jesus' statement is hard to understand?
I will not even go into the fact that the whole "Left Behind" scenario is a load of heretical dingo's kidneys. Not even a little bit.

We'll see on May 22nd.


Giraffe said...

Hello Aardvark! Some trivial matters that you have inpired me to share. I was skimming through a book that we got at the annual library fund-raiser that seems to be saying that the United States is the Antichrist. He presents the case that the anitchrist as an individual is actually relatively new, circa 1870 iirc.

Another thing I find funny is Mrs. Giraffe's girl friends are doing yet another study on the book of Reveleation. The woman in charge is taking the lead as teacher, and I think she gets her theology out of the left behind books.

We just did a study a few years ago with her and her husband. I am in a separate mens group with her husband and we alternate between Revelation and Proverbs.

I think it is funny how "we" as Christians are so interested in Revelation. There are plenty of other things to study in the Bible. Like how to be a better Christian.

The other thing is that, as you said, the prophecy is sealed. People shouldn't be claiming they know anything definite.

We have been in the end times for the last twenty centuries or so.

The Aardvark said...

Mr JY-raffe! (Sorry, I must put on the N.AL pose!)

Fascinating book that you reference. The question is begged whether-or-not the USA even exists in the Bible. The Beast (as Revelation calls him) was universally understood to be Nero until the early 1800s.Matthew 24 and environs were understood to be warning about the Destruction of Jerusalem (because of the Jews' rejection of Messiah), not a futuristic judgment day of Earth.

The whole Left Behind scenario did not exist until the Plymouth Brethren developed the doctrine, and Darby & Scofield popularised it. It is all "new doctrine" historically, and thus VERY suspect.

If it moves one to look for the Antichrist instead of looking TO CHRIST, it is a dangerous teaching indeed!

YES! The last 20 centuries!!

I would encourage you to check out material from these guys:


They present the historical Biblical understanding of Revelation, etc.

Thank you for stopping in!!