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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Welcome to winter in North Alabamastan! This is the Dread Dormomoo's little water feature out front of Chez 'Vark. We are enjoying an amazing snow here.

This is the Aardvan. The two dimples on top are are the two
uber-sized bowls that I put on top to catch snow. They have all-but-vanished, now. Why would we want to collect snow? To measure the effects of global warming? To better moisturise my face, and maintain its youthful glow?

No. We want to make:

We are going to make that venerable confection: SNOW CREAM. You know, milk, sugar, vanilla, stirred into snow. When I was a kid, they warned us not to eat snow. The color did not matter, Atomic fallout did. The atomic tests had spread fallout across the winds, and it apparently preferred to pinwheel down to ground level attached to snowflakes.

Well, it's been a LONG time since the last atomic tests (checks his watch), and it is time to do this, but after the sun rises. This is craziness outside. Beautiful, beautiful craziness. That you can make snow cream out of.

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