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Sunday, January 30, 2011

io9 had a serious article on the Internet "Kill Switch" being proposed in Washington. I HAD to respond to a guy named "wopper" in the comments. We may hear more from Cyber Ben Franklin.

"So maybe I am alone on this but wouldn't a kill switch be a good idea in the event of a massive internet offensive?" --wopper
"Those who trade internet freedom for internet security deserve neither internet nor freedom." -- Cyborg Ben Franklin

Seriously, placing a kill switch in the hands of any one man (or party) is a recipe for major trouble. Ask yourself: "Would I want a President of The Other Party to have this power?"

The relative freedom of the Internet is an enormous blessing, and presents danger to the alleged defenders of Free Speech on the leftward end of the spectrum. (I admit that there is 'Net opposition in the Right as well, but that mainly involves moral turpitude.)

Were I you, I would find suspect and resist ANY legislation re: the Internet, period. Washington does not need to "protect" the Series of Tubes.


I should be coating screens, but I have oter stuff going on in my head. I keep hearing Dave Ramsey promos where he is talking about the New Sin on the Block: Financial Infidelity. It wearies me. Let's come up with yet ANOTHER reason to end a marriage. It's like the tiresome fussing about porn as a a reason for divorce. (I recognise that this is a ticklish subject, and that the "committing adultery in one's heart" issue is arguable at some levels - do you divorce your hubby for leafing through a Playboy, or are we talking hundreds of dollars a month in internet porn and cybersex?) My point is that the marriage covenant (who knows what THAT means anymore?) is potent, and requires overt breaking to annul. The modern attitude appears to be one of Humpty Dumptifying the concept of adultery ("when I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean...") with all manner of sub-infractions so that I may wiggle out of my marriage for virtually any reason, just so I couch it in the proper terms.

Sound another death-knell for marriage.

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