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Monday, March 22, 2010

Lulululululululululululululululululuuulu !!!!!

Allahu akbar !!!!!!!!

Well, our Fearless Leader Barack Hussein Obama has taken his clothy-headed followers, and flown passenger jets directly into the home offices of every health insurer in America. The carnage will be devastating when totted up, because he has effectively destroyed the health insurance industry. By removing risk assessment from the equation, he has turned insurers into mere funnels through which very finite money must trickle to quench an infinite demand for care. (The obscene profits trumpeted by the opponents of what is laughably called the Free Market in the US amount to 2 - 3%. Such obscenity!) Ben Bernanke does not have enough helicopters to ferry the funds necessary to supply the hemorrhage. Commander Brotherhood cannot come to the rescue.*

Your Aardvark is not being over-the-top, nor is he disrespecting the lives lost on September 11th, 2001. No, he is drawing a distinct and deserved parallel. Every nation that has gone down the road toward a National Health single-payer plan (and no, we are not quite there yet, but the first domino has been pushed.) has, within short order, begun massive cutbacks on military spending, in order to stanch the flow of the fiscal fistula.
Anyone who has been used to paying their own way medically, and then begins receiving health insurance as a job benefit knows the score. Things that previously were taken care of with bandaids and Neosporin suddenly become cause for a doctor visit. If you HAVE health insurance, you will USE health insurance.

So, with military cutbacks in the offing, we will see withdrawals from theaters of operation, probably overseas base-closings, most likely troublesome ones.

Bin Laden wins!

Aerospace contractors and materiel support companies will contract, laying off workers, closing offices. With no effective space program in the offing, there will be no place to take up the slack.

Things may not bode well for Huntsville, AL and similar cities.

Insurance companies, aerospace, the military. Three big dominoes right there.

Enjoy your "free health care" while you are looking for work.

(*Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke played the character "Commander Brotherhood", the head of a commune, in the Dillon High School Senior play production of Hip-Hippie-Hooray .)


David The Good said...

Hey... cutting the military sounds fine to me. I just wish we could have cut the welfare state at the same time.

The Aardvark said...

Yeah, I agree...Bin Laden said our involvement in the mid-East was the Why of the attacks. Our bases are not targets of love around the world any more. The Marshall Plan and the Berlin Airlift are a long time past. Time to come home.

I'm just suggesting that we be prepared for the inevitable. When these guys come home, a lot of them will likely muster out, and join the rolls of those whose jobs are held by little people with no papers.

The Aardvark said...

As for cutting the Welfare State...






Giraffe said...

I toljah to pay your taxes so I could have more yung-uns.