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Monday, March 01, 2010

Flaming Carrot (C) Bob Burden

I'm late on resolutions. Srsly. I am beginning a three-week meatless regime. The bod is really craving fruits and veg, and has a serious need to drop avoirdupois. We shall see. I will allow bare amounts of dairy or egg to maintain sanity, but the leafy and globular is the thing. Our local Publix has 25 lb. bags of organic carrots, which run nicely through the juicer. Fresh carrot juice is an oddity. It has no fat content, but it has the mouth-feel of milk.Mix it with a little fresh Fuji apple juice for the yum factor.

I'll continue report along the way.


Overall, I like Chuck Jones' work. I LOVE his Looney Tunes at Warner Bros., but his later work seems a tad self-absorbed, and ultimately self-caricaturing. His Tom and Jerry work is loathsome to me, taking a second to the Gene Deitch East European cartoons. Much of my issue with those is the oddball sound design. I fondly remember Deitch's Tom Terrific cartoons from my childhood. (There was a Jones T&J on TV, which jogged my rant.)


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Boy, you gonna be spendin' some quality time in the "wooden one-holer"...Better buy TP by the case for the next month!

MacLaren said...

I quit eating as many carbohydrates. Dropped 10 lbs since Christmas. Hanging at 166 now.