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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Courtesy of Dept of Special Collections/UCLA Library, A1713 Charles E. Young Research Library, 405 Hilgard Ave, Box 951575, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575; http://www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/special/scweb/

Give Me Your Huddled Masses, Yearning To Work Cheap.

All the pro-illegal crowd, and lionizers of the Humble May-hee-can sans carte verte , listen up. The Aardvark is now a victim.
He has LOST work, specific shirt-printing work, to a shop that uses "undocumented workers". A convention promoter who "wanted to give the opportunity" gave a quote for us to meet-or-beat. I know shirt prices, labor, and the rest. The only way to charge that little for multi-color printing on decent quality shirts is to have the work done by workers who can be paid very little. Your Aardvark told him in essence that if he wanted shirts from Planet Pedro, that was fine. He got offended, somewhat. No moreso than your servant. This is work that an American WILL do, does do, being taken by those who do not belong here, and that frankly are being victimized themselves.

To add insult to injury, the Voxster reports thus.

Makes me ponder the truth of a Remo Williams quote about Public Service.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The only thing that's going to convince the OMFR that illegal migration is a mind-bogglingly stupid idea is when the little brown commies bust into their crib in the middle of the night in packs, steal them blind and kill them in savage, brutal assault.
It will happen...Bank on it.
We can only hope Pedro doesn't use anything other than a knife, or the Kakostocracy will disarm U.S. and keep them coming.
Give Maryknoll, CHD and "Crap-lick Charities Irrational" a big pat on the back for enabling and catering to illegals also!

David The Good said...

Ack. Maybe you need to just start hiring illegals.

Let the free market work. If the nation is going to be stupid with their borders... take the cheap labor and run.

I know, that's just sad. But I have a business friend who has had to do just that. And he learned Spanish in the process.

The Aardvark said...

I shan't reward the illegals with a dime. Shan't. Will not. Have no desire to learn Spanish. Period. I am Obstreperous, Curmudgeonly.

And right.

It is only one job, with someone I do not particularly care for anyway (he tried to get me into a travel MLM, for cri-yi.). The issue remains the same, though, and gives the lie to the no-borders crowd and their whole "they HELP America!" drumbeat.