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Friday, April 17, 2009

I have tasted
the future,
and it is

Kellogg's latest foray into merchandising is sub-par. Sweetened oat swirls (Just flip 'em to face the right way for your hemisphere) with gold Starfleet insignia marshmallows, and blue-and-white swirly galaxy-thingy marshmallows (also hemispherically adaptable). The cereal I had hopes for. It is the standard sweet Alpha-Bits-type* sweetened oat cereal, apparently basted with space-y industrial waste, trilithium resin or somesuch, which leaves an icky aftertaste...or is it foretaste, since time-travel plays an important part in the new Trek movie? The marshmallows are the expected dense singularities of artificially-flavored what-they-call-FUN in the Trade. This is the Star Trek V of movie-related cereals.

Gothgeek gave me a box as a giggle, and Loen asked to open it and try it. So much for collectability (wink). I had to taste it. I wish I could go back in time.

Thanks for the fun gift, though. The package graphics are excellent!

Maybe the movie will be better than the cereal.

*I know that Alpha-Bits are a Post cereal. Take your lateral lisp elsewhere.


MacLaren said...

Now I want some of those hard little marshmallow substitutes. I used to love those things. Did you ever eat all the cereal parts and leave the marshmallows behind? That way, your last two or three heaping bites are just milk-soaked artificially flavored sugar blocks.


Houston said...

If the cereal were great, the movie would still be better. Have you seen it yet?

My review of Abrams' Star Trek is posted on my blog, Imperial Twilight.

The Aardvark said...

I shall forgo your review. The Dread Dormomoo and I are seeing it tomorrow. Then we can compare notes.

I DO fear the final nail in the franchise coffin.
But, there IS Simon Pegg....