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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Truth be told, I'm tired.

I'm weary of the whole political thing. Republicans are precisely as trustable as Democrats. I reminded myself of a minor truth over at PL's, and I'm smarting. There is no real point in fulminating over Washington and the antics therein. As the Israelites realised at the ascension of Rehoboam, "There is no help in the house of Jesse.". I have no expectations from this or any other administration, and have no real desire to waste time with droll name-calling. We are cast adrift from the moorings of the Republic, and are at the mercy of the gales of opinion and expediency. Until someone shows evidence of earnestly and honestly moving us to the United States designed by the founders, no-one has my support.

The people have spoken repeatedly to their representatives on issues from abortion to taxation, to The Bailout, and those representatives have "bravely" gone against our instructions. So what's the point? No railing, no name-calling, no interest. I've got other stuff to write about. Pray for our leaders.


Rigel Kent said...

I know what you mean Aardvark. This is why I almost never write anything political. If I do it's purely for my own satisfaction. If you do it for any other reason (such as "enlightening" people who rather obviously don't want to be enlightened) you'll go nuts.

I just vote libertarian and get on with my own life. Much simpler, less stress.

Unknown said...

This is why I stay away from political stuff in general. I know it drives Hubby crazy because he's a political junkie, but I hardly see the point in getting too worked up about it all.

An apple's an apple. Does it really matter which side is more bruised?

Anonymous said...

This time though, it's time to replant the apple tree using the original seeds.

Anonymous said...

This is where a lot of evangelicals have missed the boat; expecting to initiate social change through a political party. It ain't happenin'. Jesus' only 'political' comment was to give Caesar his due. The first century Christians spread the Gospel regardless, and often in spite of, anything government did.

The Aardvark said...


Here is my take on what you just said, here:


In fact, search "church" on my blog, and settle in for a rollicking good time!