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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"I was curious."

OK, here's the thing. (Mrs. Pilgrim, you'll like this.)
It is in vogue to be gay.
It is tres chic to be bi.

We are deluged by gayosity in our media, our sitcoms, our general culture, and even if it's a joke at the gay guy's expense, it's OK, because the message is gettin' out.

My family and I go to anime conventions as part of our business, and we see lots of kids who think they are gay. Loli girls walking around holding hands, bishi boys with their yaoi pals.
Lots of teen kids, convinced of their homosexuality. (Heteros, fear not, there are PLENTY of active couples in our teen culture as well.)

I have pondered this a lot, having children of my own, and a childhood of my own, and I believe that I have An Answer. I may not be a Mensa member, but this just makes sense. Our hyper-sexualized culture is yielding fruit.

When I was twelve or so, I was a voracious reader. Summer came, and I was devouring every book and magazine I could find. Worked through a ton of Reader's Digests and National Geographics, and needed more. I found a stack of large mags like McCall's and the Saturday Evening Post, and as I looked through the stack, I found a stratum of different magazines. Naked guy magazines. Intrigued by the novelty, I flipped through one, and...and...suddenly, the Gallant Salute. Now, I had friends in school who had the Naked Lady decks of cards, and I had no aversion to the female form undraped, but this reaction was unexpected and worrisome. (I was aware of my father's "alternate lifestyle", as they say; these were his mags secreted in a nondescript stack of Ladies' Home Journals. Oh, the Irony.)

Brothers and sisters, I was not ho-mo-sexual! My body did not react to male or female. It was reacting to the stimulus of the erotic. That is in main what these confused kids are reacting to. The yaoi and yuri manga, the sexual displays at every turn, the raging changes in their own bodies, hormonal, emotional; it is all about the erotic. If a young teen girl gets tingly at the sight of a nubile form, or if a guy responds to the sight of a naked male, this is not de facto evidence of homosexuality, but the gay publicity mill makes them think that they are. They are reacting to the erotic, nothing more.

This is a major reason for the call to modesty in the New Testament. Modest dress is helpful to those around, as it reduces distraction. The unclothed human body is fantastic to enjoy in the proper context (read: marriage). Frankly, when I saw a "news" report on Fox about Victoria's Secret (sales are off 40+ percent), I saw the undulating fem-flesh on the runway as more amusing than titillating. (as an aside, it seems culturally that breasts aren't special any more. No mystery, just pneumatic display.The VS models become anorexic Macy's Parade balloons.)

Homosexuality is a practice. It involves what you do. An involuntary reaction is one thing. Turning it into "lifestyle" and practice is another entirely. Let your kids know the difference, please. You could save them a world of worry, and yourself a load of grief.


MacLaren said...
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David The Good said...

Vidad, you're a jerk. What's wrong with that guy?

I liked how you linked the erotic into the sense of titillation. That's very true. I have a formerly lesbian acquaintance who says that she was told by the gay establishment that "if it feels good to sexual with someone of the same sex, you must be gay." However, the real fact is, in her words, "that it feels good because our bodies respond to stimulation." And everyone still has a choice. Period.

Good, honest post - thanks for the thoughts.

The Aardvark said...

You're welcome.

...what are you wearing?

Anonymous said...

I think you may have hit it square-on, Aardvark. Yes, I rather liked this post. (Though I'm curious as to why you referenced me personally...)

The Aardvark said...

Oh...I guess that WAS a little creepy, Mrs. P.
I visited your blog, and something I read made me think that you would appreciate this take on things.

Please don't ask me what...I've slept since then.

MacLaren said...

Gay gay gay.

Anonymous said...

Vidad, you need to get that sense of humor under control. Your blog is fun, but REALLY...You're pushing on this thread. 'T'ain't funny no mo'.

The Aardvark said...

Into every blog a little Troll must fall.