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Friday, December 07, 2007

Chez Aardvark is undergoing some renovations. The much-used garage is being Converted.

YAY-uss. Say BAY-bee!

IT began as a standard roll-up door garage in 1986. In January 1991, we had the front closed in, and it became the Factory Floor for Lifetees, the first incarnation of our t-shirt printing biz. Since then, I have moved the business out of the garage, and it became a weight room, then a wait room, as in "Wait 'til I find it out in the garage.". We have cleared it out, and the front third is becoming a den.Separate and apart, the rear third is a combo laundry room and darkroom for exposing and washing out the screens which give "screenprinting" its name.

Blogging will be spotty for a few days, then...PICTURES!


MacLaren said...

I'd love to hear the story of your business sometime. As an entrepreneur (though not the most successful one) myself, hearing others' stories is always fascinating.

The Aardvark said...

Sit at my knee, Sonny-Jim, and I shall regale you with harrowing tales of Profit Most Foul!