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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fashion faux pas

The rolling-up of the trousers leg is not my sole sartorial sin.

Oh my, no.

Besides having short legs (when descending stairs, my gait is not dissimilar to that of Dr. Loveless) I also have size 8 1/2 wide schoon. The local shops have what are purportedly 8.5 W, but are exaggerating somewhat.Thus I was driven to try... (Pretty Lady, I struggle )

To try Crocs.

A local head shop (what used to be called such...now it's Trendily Nostalgic) "Crossroads" carries the artless beasts, so I went to check them out. I picked the black original design for guys, and mercy, it's the best idea I've had since the last best idea I had. I have no discomfort after a prolonged bout of printing t-shirts. Relatively cheap, and very comfy. And ugly. I just wish the old-style Earth Shoes were available, or even the Thom McAn knockoffs.

'Course, they were ugly, too.


Ian McLeod said...

Those abominations are best suited for women who go out in public wearing pajamas or sweat-pants. They are a popular accessory for the PJ-Set.

I think Satan invented Crocs as a way to tempt me unto blasphemy. I believe that Crocs are the final death-knell of Western Civilization, and the next step towards the NAU.

Orwell was wrong. The future is a Croc stomping on a human face...

No, what you need are some Docs, not Crocs. The Docs will even add a couple inches, to alleviate your Napoleonic stature. :P

Okay, I'm done picking on you. You asked for it when you bought those things, though.

The Aardvark said...

I feel the love...