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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



Great anime convention. Riat and I are tired and happy. My middle son and I were in Orlando for five days at the excellent Wyndham resort. Anime Festival Orlando was the event, and we went beyond our expectations!


(And Pretty Lady...we stayed an extra day. To do NUTTIN!) We took Monday off, slept til 10:30, got up, breakfasted, played tourist at Ripley's for a couple of hours, then walked back to the room, watched anime and dozed for three hours, then walked more in search for grazing material. We looked at a Japanese restaurant, but i did not wish to take out a second mortgage for sushi. Wound up at a Mexican place. The fajitas tasted like they used cuts like ribeye. Very nice.

We also ate in very low places over the weekend. We went to one of those notorious feedlots, Golden Corral, with fellow vendors. Originally a family steakhouse, it is now a restaurant that specialises in throughput; also one that does many things not very well. We saw, too, that it is not a fools errand to stock 5X t-shirts. One enters through a queue reminiscent of what cattle enjoy on the way to becoming T-bones. I swanee, I actually "mooed" in line.

One can get many foods there, from steak (their grill reminded me of the chophouse scene in "The Road to Wellville") to turkey, shrimp, pizza, assorted overcooked vegetables, yeast rolls, and desserts, desserts, desserts.

I expected to see a Kanamit come out from the back with his "To Serve Man" book tucked under his arm.

But a good time was had by all, and over 200 more anime fans have Aardvark t-shirts with which to proclaim their passion.

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