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Monday, August 14, 2006


I dearly love the concept of "Zero Tolerance". It completely removes the need to use judgment, or to make case-by-case assessments. Like the poor tykes who get thrown out of school for having a 1 cm G.I.Joe solid plastic pistol in their pocket. I heard of one child removed for wearing a shirt with the image of a gun emblazoned thereon.
Yes, he endangered scores of lives with a t-shirt.

Wikipedia is a Good Idea held hostage by ZT. I signed on and did a one-word adjustment to an article on R.J. Rushdoony, correcting the entry based upon Rushdoony and company's own writing, (I substituted "Theonomy" for the incorrect and biased term "Theocracy") whereupon I was blocked indefinitely, not because of egregious inaccuracy, nor bloviating obnoxiousness, but because of my nomen. "The Aardvark" is a handle perilously close to a banned vandal yclept "Blu Aardvark". One of the admins took it upon herself to Play Mommy and remove the threat I posed by using my Somewhat Well-Known online and business persona. Being an apparent Good Leftist, she did not respond to my Reasonable Appeal, but rather used the excuse that she would be tarred with the same brush if I turned out to be Naughty, and she had not pre-empted it. A Nanny Statist for sure.

...I wonder if they have removed the 'pedia entry for anteaters?


Anonymous said...

Yep, much easier to take the ZT approach.. They don't have to use common sense or think. Any challenges to the policy are met with "Those are the rules, and if you don't like it..." Also, I think the main reason they love ZT so much is because they then don't have to accept any responsibility for their decisions.

Had to laugh - the first 2 letters in the word verify were 'ZT'

Billiam said...

Cute, ZT from the so called tolerant. Man, it's sure Monday!

The Aardvark said...

Morris, that was amusing! "ZT".
I think it's time to turn off the verifier...until the next 'bot hits me.

Glad to hear from you, too, Billiam!

Billiam said...

I'm never far away, Sir!! Sorry, man. Had to hit you with the "S" word... lol

Anonymous said...

Heh, sorry about that. They do get quite paranoid there on Wikipedia.

Did you ever get them to lift that ban? If not, I can probably make a point of showing this blog post to them. Not that I imagine you'd have a large desire to edit after being treated like that.

Then again, "being treated like that" is the exact reason I went on several vandalism sprees. Ah, irony.

But apologies for the mistaken identity.