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Saturday, July 15, 2006

John Bloom, aka Joe Bob Briggs of Monstervision fame, has a website. I just ran across his paean to southern Niceness: HERE


Ever had a pipe sent to you in the mail? It can give you great pause. I'll tell more with pictures next week.

Well, we received it! YAAAAAAY!

Oh...you have NO idea, do you?
On Thursdae, an Old Dominion -not to be confused with Rousas Rushdoony- 18-wheeler pulled up to the Aardvark Heavy Industrial Concern (Limestone Prefecture) offices, filled with multi-ton CHRISTMAS!
Our 8-color, 10-station press, 16-foot conveyor curing oven, and sundry Odd Bits to Make Our Lives Better arrove. A friend, Lynn, brought his fork lift, and lo, the unloading commenced. We got everything into the shop except the Monster Oven, which lay outside well tarped against the elements. No-one was gonna haul it off. It took 6 guys, 2 long metal poles, 2 pallet jacks, and infinite finesse to manoeuver it into the shop on its side. If there is a Nobel Prize for Moving Things Around, we should get it. We levered the pallet up, and slid the Hulking Thing on its side onto the pallet jacks, and had to negotiate a 90 degree turn to gain entry.We learned of Levers, Inertia, Mass, and the Cussedness of the Inanimate, but we got it in. When the restaurant opens next door on the 25th, these guys eat steak on me. (Ummmm....no, it is not one of those restaurants, nor am I one of those guys. I mean I'm paying the bill.)

Now I have several days of intense Tinkertoying, and an indeterminate learning curve, and our production will increase eight-fold, at a minimum! All this, and it's paid-for, too.

This is why I have been quiet of late.

Have an excellent rest of it!

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