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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It is a RARE cigar that would make me resort to keyboarding.
I really HATE two things: driving, and typing.
I ENJOYED driving whilst enjoying The Cigar.
Now I am forced to keyboard about it.

Drew Estate .
For a flavored cigar, they are the best. Their Acid range is amazing.
But THESE, well, just defy rational description. Especially the White Sage.
I don't think that I have tasted anything better in my life, unless it's chocolate. I'll have to think about it.
It is like smoking Thanksgiving. Seriously.

Ian and I each had one going to Huntsville to purchase a huge compressor that will run the automatic press we are getting this week at the shop. He hates me, now. I guess that I can share 'em with him.We literally smoked them down to a half-inch or less. I have surely never before considered the old hobo trick of collecting the butts. Five will make a whole cigar.
CI are discontinuing their inventory, so good deals can be had, but not for long.
Think good thoughts of the 'vark that put you onto these.

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Billiam said...

I've been pondering cigars. It'll have to wait, though. I quit cigarettes on Sat night. I'm down to a 6.5 on the grouch scale. Still can't sleep for crap, but, I'll get through it. I've been praying.