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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks to Ian McLeod the Confusticated, I now have a working site meter.
Come now, the world to me!
(Sounds like a BAD Ray Bradbury ripoff!)

Actually, it is heartening to see the hits from around the world.
OH! There's another one!
C'mon, make a comment. Don't be shy.
Hat tip to the Voxters out there.

I have another question. How popular is audio blogging amongst the Stellar Few who pop in here?
I've been a screenprinting squeegie-jockey for fifteen years, now. (Our biz is Aardvark Screenprinting.) We are getting an auto press, which will vastly increase our productivity, and decrease my hands-on neededness. (Neologisms R' Us)

What to do with my time? Talk radio...we have quite a market here. Ours are the electromagnetic loins that birthed Sean Hannity into the world.
(Did I just make an argument for talkshow abortions?)

So, does ANYONE really listen to audio blogs, or web radio shows?
See, here is a blog that QUESTIONS, a blogateer with no pretensions of knowitallitude.

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