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Monday, November 14, 2005

The OCD angle of Blogging

First, thank you to Madison, WI! 45 minutes of crawling through the archives. WOW!

I've been off all weekend- no comments from the peanut gallery- as NERV, our workhorse logic (computer for you non Murray Leinster fans) at home was sickly. Up and running, now WOO HOOO!

I think that, in the barbaric NewSpeak of pop-psych, I have an addictive personality. I have given up 85% of talk radio, because I had built up fifteen years worth of rage. It was making me to be a not-nice person. (That was written precisely the way I meant it.) Three Monkey Limbaugh is insufferable anymore, and just NO FUN. Hannity I couldn't listen to at all. He is just so, so...EMPTY. Vacuous. Vapid. How can you, on the basis of merely saying "hello" on the phone, determine that one is a "Great American"? It's like proclaiming that I am a good Christian on the basis that I didn't cuss you out. Local talk tends to be empty. Very tapioca.
Boortz can be fun, but he just gets on my nerves on the "homosexual marriage" bit.


Now, these guys out of Birmingham are not only talkin', they're doin' summat about it!
Dee can be a bit on the root-canal end of things sometimes.

Blogging is becoming much the same. I have my little circle that I check out, and comment on, and wait, and check to see if someone commented on my comment, and then respond to their comment, or angst and feel unloved if no-one comments on my comment.
This can take hours out of your day, especially if the issue is an Important One, a Subject of Moment.


There's always Lileks.
He makes me wish that I lived in Minneapolis / St. Paul.

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