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Monday, October 15, 2018

An Agglomeration of Angst

One man's licorice
is another man's cilantro.


When a leg vein fails, and the shower looks like a scene
from the Grand Guignol.


Varicose vein did not like wash cloth scrubbing. Next thing I knew, the tub looked like a murder scene. Could not see where the blood was coming from, then I saw a fine spray from my lower shin. It was fascinating, until I thought "that's my blood, and it's going down the drain". I lost a measurable amount of it (I estimate between 1/2 cup to 1 cup), so I knotted my washcloth around my leg, dried off, and woke Lanie up to help me. She bandaged my leg, and I stayed still for an hour with leg elevated. Then I got a cane, got to my bed, and proceeded to sleep the rest of the day.

Have stayed still most of the evening. There is NO evidence of continued leaking, so maybe I have dodged a bullet. Gonna take it easy as best I can. If there is a recurrence, I'll go get the sucker cauterised or something.
But it was briefly entertaining.
LOOK! A new thing!!

It was, as I said, fascinating, almost hypnotic. I lost enough for me to be a bit dizzy later. Have eaten well and hydrated, and feel right as rain, now.

I wish we had had the presence of mind to photograph the shower, but it may have disturbed some.

I guess the Brillo pads will have to go....

"I have never had a fire ant bite"

I can no longer say this.


I can "temporarily" suspend service on a Verizon line for $10 per month.
I can pay them NOT to have a line.


If the Prexy had come up with a cool name like
would be fine.

(Comment on the whining about the cell phone "Presidential alert")

Good GRIEF, people.
It was an emergency alert system test, like the old EBS tests for the cell age.


Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text


The word is "ogle", not "oogle".
Neither is it PRONOUNCED "oogle".

The Bible is not a grimoire, filled with potent spells that if you say them JUST right, or enough times, they will bend the Almighty to your will.
Instead, it instructs you to bow your knee, your desires and plans, to His Will.
Just a thought....


Amazed at how much data people happily proffer with these
"Find out how Santa will kill you" type quizzes.


Here is the con shirt design Lanie and I did! The copper details are metallic copper ink. You can catch some of the shimmer in the upper left gears.

No automatic alt text available.


So much current comics art comes from folks whose mommies clearly said "You're such a GOOD artist!"


Kind of amazed at how not terrible the '77 movie "Shock Waves" was.


Have a lovely week!

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