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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A tirade of twaddle

The accusers sound scripted. The method of trotting them out in series appears scripted. And THEN...Gloria Allred....

This has "October Surprise" spray-painted all over it.. McConnell's antipathy toward Moore (which predates these accusations) is telling.

Also, the timing is really off. The PERFECT time for this would have been during his Ten Commandments statue era. "Mr, High-and-Mighty Christian Guy" shown to be a hypocritical lecher. Now, it comes across (to one who has breathed politics for decades - with no filter!) a wall thrown up to keep him out of the He-man Wimmen-Haters Club. This tactic parallels what was done to Pres. Trump. Moore is an ideological outsider who would not kowtow to the whims of McConnell and his ilk. The verdict of my personal court of public opinion is: this is the Senate Republican power base playing Democrat political schemes. The timing is enough to raise the red flags.

Thus saith the guy from Alabama.


Sometimes life demands a cream cheese and green olive sandwich on buttered toast.
Butter side out.


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The people who believe they are REALLY a kitty or a puppy or a tiger should be turned in to Animal Control. Can't have stray critters running around....


"The Great Gatsby" is filled
with terrible people being terrible.
It is "Seinfeld"
without the dubious comedy.


The balance of the Universe
is off when the hotel coffee
is better than the
area restaurants' coffee.


Clearly the zenith
of Western civilisation
is the tactical spork.

This is spiritual in nature, and may result in contact dermatitis if mishandled.
There is a phony dichotomy out there between "praying" and "doing". This betrays a misunderstanding of prayer. It is not either/or. Someone said "You can do more than pray, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed." Prayer can provide a channel for thought and wisdom to see what must be done, and in the most useful way. It is contacting the Creator and asking for aid. Obviously, if someone is on fire, you put them out...you don't pray for a thunderstorm. This is reductio ad absurdum, and is an unworthy argument. The spiritual life is both/and; praying to see the opportunities, and then DOING what needs done.
Jesus said "Give when asked." That is pretty clear, especially in its context of the covenant community. Paul said to Christians "Do good to all, especially those of the household of faith".
Do...give...these are clear and require little prayerful prep time.
If someone is using "I'm prayin'!" as a social band-aid, a nice caring cliche, well, that's on them.
It's not how the system is designed.



"Inchoate" has crept back into my working vocabulary. How very Lovecraft of me.


Few fannish things seem more desperate than the "Trek the Halls" shirts.


I am reminded of the more "spiritual" folks who would refer to a "pot bless", because "pot luck" is superstitious. Selah


Michael W said...

My father believed Civilization reached its apex with the advent of Road Runner cartoons.

Jay! said...

Timing is everything ... Unless you're a "victim" saving it for a rainy day. While the number of women "coming forward" is compelling, it's still he-said/she-said and the burden of proof is on them.

If it turns out Moore is a perv well ... My cynical take is it's better to have "our" pervs in power as opposed to theirs. I learned that from the democrats.

Are there REALLY folks saying they're kitties, puppies 'n tiggers? There's a white guy in Florida who had himself physically "altered" and is passing himself off as a Filipino woman. Curiously, he hasn't moved to the Philippines.

There have been some younger Jewish folk passing themselves off as 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation holocaust survivors. Maybe I should go to the VA and see what goodies I can get. True, I haven't served but I am, after all, a 2nd generation Korean War vet.

In this day 'n age you're what you say you are and no one can take you to task for it.

What little I saw of Seinfeld had no comedy, dubious or otherwise. What I did see were a bunch of LOUD, obnoxious jerks acting like the very reason I left New Jersey.

Yes, civilization did reach its apex with the Road Runner. I still root ole Wile E though. Darn smug, wise-ass bird!

Oooo ... I'll pray for you! Thanx rapture bunnies!

Michael W said...

I always gave Wile E. Coyote points for persistence. Especially in hunting the Road Runner in what had to be the most geologically unstable region of the world.

And yes, I also couldn't figure out the attraction of "Seinfeld". Perhaps it's because the show was considered hip, and I have never done hip very well. I still haven't forgiven Diana Ross for breaking up the Supremes. Yes, I can hold a grudge. I'm not entirely happy with that aspect of my personality, but there it is.