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Friday, June 02, 2017

Post-prandial palaver

And the hilarious bit is, the John Birchers were right!


Once again it comes down not to can I, but should I?
(I'm going to let you guess.)



The biggest result of withdrawing from the Paris Accords will be that we won't subsidise China, India, and other signatories for doing nothing.


Penguins are melting, so that they look like black-and-white cookies with beaks.


Saw a bit of David Jeremiah shilling posthumously for Tim LaHaye and the "Left Behind" series.
This paragon of biblical scholarship spent the time preaching about "The Rapture", a doctrine that did not exist until the 1800s. If Paul nor Peter nor John did not write of it (much less Jesus preaching about it) it is...suspect.
They DID teach of the Resurrection just prior to the day of judgment. I'll bank on THAT one.


“There are three intolerable things in life—cold coffee, lukewarm champagne, and overexcited women." -- Orson Welles


I suspect that people might have happier lives if they did not hope for or expect the worst for others.


I mourn the loss of restaurants-gone-by. Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants. Howard Johnson's. Shakey's Pizza (One exists in Auburn, AL).
The original Charcoal Grill in Dillon, SC. DeEtte's Kitchen in Dillon.


Drove by a restaurant in Cary, NC this weekend, hight "Greek Fiesta".
The name is what's off-putting. It sounds like Greek-Mexican fusion. I hate fusion.
I am a food segregationist.


From a year ago. The feelz, they are the same.
I miss old Superman. Comics Code Superman. The bank robbers dump Jimmy Olson down a well, and the signal watch goes zee-zee-zee Superman.
Funny book Superman, the ones I read as a kid. Escapist fare, not gritty in-your-face mean streets of Metropolis Superman. Multi-colored Kryptonite Superman. Bizarro, Mister Myxzptlk, and Kandor-in-a-can Superman.
Pre-retconning Superman. Lois Lane, Perry White, newspaper biz Superman. "Really, glasses are your disguise?" Superman.
I miss fun Superman.


Done with every group complaining about how bad it all is, and how "X" must be done to placate them.
I wanna know when MY group is gonna be addressed seriously, and no longer be made fun of!

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Have a lovely weekend!


Michael W said...

Adding to the list of missed restaurants: 2Js, Holiday House, Vikashmo's (a combination American-Mexican-Seafood restaurant run by three sisters in Austin. The name of the restaurant was a contraction of the sisters names), Mi Casa es Su Casa and The Pecan Tree (a Bastrop restaurant, both family owned and operated, which meant homemade food, and I do mean HOMEMADE).

"I miss old Superman, Comics Code Superman."

I swear, do you sit around and think of which of my buttons you can push? I also miss the original bottle city of Kandor, the key to the Fortress of Solitude (cleverly disguised as an aircraft marker), Lois Lane being apparently unable to draw a pair of glasses on a picture of Superman's face.

And Lana Lang! Boy, do I miss Lana Lang.

Now to be honest, I haven't exactly mourned the passing of the Code. But it's removal has, in my opinion, opened the floodgates for lazy writing. How else to explain the demise of Legion of Super-Heroes, the original Atomic Knights, the Riddler as a readable villain, etc. etc.

-Warren Zoell said...

Would you like a bit of tomato with your spam? LOL!!

Jay! said...

I gave up on Marvel, ("Heros with emotional problems.) back in the '60s and stuck with DC before they turned Batman into a moody, introspective, psychotic anti-gun a-hole and the rest of their line-up into super powered, PC, LGPTBVDLSMFT snowFLAKES.

Now that we're out of the Paris accords, I guess the world is doomed. Would to God that Hilary Clinton was elected Queen of the Universe back in November. Things would be so much DIFFERENT now.

Loved the "Wendys'" ad! Downloaded it. I'm an Eva fan and I DO patronize Wendys'. The Wendy/Rei shot creeped me out in a good way. Here's a "related" you tube ref:


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